Custom NPCs

Starting with version 0.3.11 of Newlife, you can add your own npcs to the game. Each custom npc will replace one of the normal npcs that are created when a game begins. 
Special npcs cannot be replaced with custom ones.

When you run it, Newlife creates a directory to store game data. This is named newlife_gamedata and can be found in the folder you ran Newlife from.
Under this directory, you'll find another one called user_created_npcs. To start with, this will be empty. To create a custom npc, you just need to put one or more suitable .yml files in this folder. 

The Newlife zip also comes with a folder called custom_npc_guides. This contains all the guides you'll need to start making your own NPCs. These are in the form of Yaml (.yml) files, as this is the same format used for custom NPCs. 

The main guides are customNpcGuide.yml and customFemaleNpcGuide.yml. You can open are read yml files in a text editor like Notepad.
There's also two simpler files with no instructions that you can use as a template for your own NPCs. These are npcTemplate.yml and FemaleNpcTemplate.yml.

These along with all custom NPC files are .yml files. To view or edit them, just use a normal text editor such as notepad.

To test if your custom npcs have been set up correctly, use the "Test NPCs" button on the main menu. This has a shortcut of 'T'.

Three players, FreshSalad, Finbarsextilius and Axeon, have created tools to make custom NPCs. You can find them by following these links:
For FreshSalad's:
For Axeon's:
For Finbarsextilius':

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