Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Newlife 0.3.3

Hello everyone!

After looping this song about a hundred times this evening I've finished my must-do list of changes & testing. That means that the 0.3.3 version of Newlife is ready and I've released it on Patreon. Early-access Patrons can find it in the creations section here. The changelog is below.

That also means that the 0.3.2 release has been made public. I've updated the links here on the blog, so you can download it now from here. The 0.3.2 changelog is here.

As usual, saved files & templates from older versions probably won't work with newer ones. 

For new players - just use one of the links to the right to get either the jar or the exe version. You only need one or the other - not both. I recommend trying the jar first.

For either version you'll need to have Java installed. A lot of programs use Java so you might well already have it. If the jar shows up as an unrecognised file type, then you probably don't. In that case you can get it from
The exe should tell you if you don't have the right version on your computer, but you'll still need to install java to run the game.
There's a guide for new players here which includes some troubleshooting tips for installation & downloading.

0.3.3 has the first set of friendship improvements. There's a lot more to come in this area, including a whole bunch of new scenes, but the central structure and new code functionality is there.

Here's the changelog:
  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to cubano, death25 & mke for reporting problems they found.
  • The final “friendly old man” scene will no longer act as if he's present in the relationship browser and the describe characters output – thanks to cubano for reporting this one.
  • Following a request over pm on Patreon, added game length to the advanced customisation options.
  • Fixed an issue reported by antage where some stat names were being truncated as the list was too narrow.
  • Added the “Befriend” action that you can use to become close friends with someone. You need a good relationship with them first. Your boyfriend gets special treatment so you can't turn him into a 'normal' friend. For now the befriending scene is very limited – just a choice of npcs. In the future this will lead into another scene where you have to socialise with your potential future bff and convince them that you're worth spending time with.
  • There'll be (lots) more friend content coming up soon, but for now the main benefit of friends is that they provide you with a passive weekly benefit. Beware though! Some people don't make good friends and you might end up regretting bringing them into your life!
  • Added similar passive effects to your boyfriend. You can't unfriend him quite so easily though!
  • Limited the maximum number of friends based on the shy & outgoing traits – between one and three.
  • Added some friendship-related information to npcs in the relationship browser.
  • Added a friends screen to the UI. You can unfriend people through this, but some friends can be difficult to get rid of...
  • Added a small fitness training effect to the dance class, thanks to KTDid for suggesting this.
  • Added a new action to the cowgirl scene. This is a modification of one for the upcoming doggy-style scene, but which KTDid suggested could go in the existing ones as well.
  • Fixed a bug reported by KTDid where the stat for drinks bought for yourself was being increased if a man bought you a drink but you chose which one to have.
  • Replaced the Friend One/ Friend Two etc label with a more descriptive one, based on a suggestion from Cubano.
  • Made the willpower check to enable to “walk home alone” option at the end of a night clubbing a bit harder.
  • Characters with the romantic trait now get a larger willpower penalty when interacting with their boyfriend.

Have fun, enjoy the new version, and please report any bugs!


  1. Not really related to the update. I know you've said female NPCs may be a ways off, but will there ever be an option to play through the game as a male? We get two character creation screens when you can list all the same things with only one, and after we fill out both, the second one is always the one we're stuck with for the rest of the game. Unless we get a permanent male PC, the male character creator just seems pointless.

    1. He was asked the question before and he replied that altough you will be able to have lesbian sex becoming male or futa won't be in the game as it will basically mean rewriting the entire game.

      BTW a F.A.Q. section might be a good idea at this point.

    2. I may add some limited male content as part of the endgame sequence late in development, but the main game will always be as a female. As Anonymous says, adding anything else would mean rewriting pretty much everything.
      Aside from the end sequence, there'll also be more references to your male persona in the game eventually. Things like the player comparing her lovers to how she used to be.

  2. The male character creation isn't pointless. Your female character will be created by the stats you have chosen in the first character creation ccreen. You can always change any stats in the second screen but some people prefer it that way^^

    1. Yeah, but even if that's the case, why have two cc screens when the second one can be set up almost exactly the same way as the first? For some, like myself, there really is no incentive to fill out two cc screens because the male one is mostly unused. As things are, there just seems to be no point to it.

    2. Yeah, but even so, you don't need two whole CC screens for that. Why have two CC screens when they both have almost the same exact perks and options, and really only the second one affects gameplay? As it is, there just doesn't seem to be a practical point to have two screens.

    3. It's good to have in case future content uses it. I always thought the player should eventually be able to have sex fantasies, including one where she meets her male self. Plus the player could always turn back into a man temporarily as part of the storyline.

  3. Thanks for the awesome game! Here's my feedback/suggestions:
    1. Can you indicate in the character screen how many days left in the pregnancy?
    2. How about adding fertility drugs (to guarantee that the next insemination will knock you up) at the doctor's office?
    3. It would be interesting to have the option to call your baby's father (if it's not your boyfriend) to come to the birth, at least if you're still on good terms.
    4. What about the option to offer to have sex with the sleazy client?
    5. This is probably gonna be a lot of work, but can I suggest vacations as an option during the weekend? The heroine can either go alone (and possibly hook up with someone there) or invite Ivy, her boyfriend, or another dude to go with her.

    1. I dig the vacations one. Sleep with the manager to give you the room for free? :P

    2. You're welcome :)

      1: Not really, because of how the pregnancy accelerators are handled. You should get an idea from the pregnancy stage though. First trimester is 13 weeks without any treatments, although you might not know you're pregnant for some of it. Second is 13 again. Third is split into two 7-week parts. You get a scene at the start of the week each time you move to a new stage.

      2: Sure

      3: Yes. Improved pregnancy interactions will come with future updates, probably either the relationship update or one dedicated to pregnancy.

      4: That scene is very much intended to be one for people who like the more submissive side of things, and I want to keep it focused on that. It is possible to have sex with him, but he has to be the one to initiate it. The scene where you persuade your boss for a promotion is the other side of the coin, and that one has the player taking the initiative.

      5: That's the sort of large content addition that would probably need to be a major release to be handled properly. It's possible, but I want to get most of the core content in before adding to it.

    3. Thanks for replying! BTW, I don't know how much work it will take, but would it be possible to put quotation marks around things people are saying as opposed to narration or the PC's thoughts? It would make things easier to read.

      And is it possible to sleep with the old man you meet at work?

  4. About the upcoming female NPCs: When they are implemented, and you have the option to be a lesbian, will there be virginal NPCs with special scenes for defloration with a strap-on or dildo, or can we assume all of them have had experience, and the PC will be the only female in the game with a confirmed hymen?

    1. This is something I probably won't start thinking about until I actually start implementing lesbian content.
      Female npcs won't get sex scenes in the friendship update - lesbian content will be a further major update after that, and that means it's up to the patrons whether it gets done soon or much later.

  5. Between this last update and this patreon changed to allow paypal support. Any idea why that was suddenly allowed again? Anywhos, this allowed a new pledger.

    Can we expect new clothes soon, or some way to mod/add them into the game? I'm sure fashion is totally a priority ;), but i find their is a bias towards sexy/casual clothes in terms of variety and attractiveness bonuses, with less selection and bonuses for cute/elegant clothing.

    1. I haven't seen anything on it from paypal or patreon. It could be a bug with their systems, so let's keep quiet about it!
      I do have an outstanding todo item on adding new clothes - more than one in fact. Recently it's just tended to not quite make it onto the shortlist for actual releases.
      There won't be new clothes in 0.3.4, but it will come sooner or later.

  6. Just a thought when it comes to willpower...

    It seems right now that when you don't have the willpower to do something the option is hidden and doesn't show up. But I think part of what makes a willpower stat more fun is where you try to do something and fail at it.

    Is there any chance that all available actions could be displayed, regardless of willpower, with the result being if you try to do something you don't have the willpower for, no time passes but you get a short couple of lines like...

    "You try to push him away from entering you but you're just to aroused to care..." etc.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. This would be amazing.

    2. The development time needed for this is probably prohibitive - it'd need a major rework of how the UI and the Scenes communicate.
      I did consider something like this if my government's anti rape porn law covered text content, so I could make it really clear that the character is still consenting even when player isn't allowed the option.
      In the end, the law only seems to cover images & video, so I don't need to worry if Newlife occasionally slips across the line for the legal definition of nonconsensual content. I still don't intend to add what most people would consider actual rape scenes though - things like the player being forced or drugged..

  7. Really great game, I've been subscribed on Patreon for a few months but this is my first time posting here.

    I remembered you mentioning a possible scene with the important client where he could make you orgasm and you would have to leave his building in shame. I decided to test it, so I created a character with every possible trait that could make her orgasm faster. Then I kept re-creating the game using that template until I had a client that she didn't think could be any more attractive.

    Having set that up, I skipped weeks again and again to trigger the scene. I tried everything I could think of, alternating patterns of 'flirt with him' and 'suggestively butter him up', all of one, all of the other, and the time always ran out before the orgasm was triggered. I tested this for at least two hours trying to get the scene to trigger, but no dice.

    This same character was able to orgasm 3 times in a bathroom encounter with a guy she wasn't even attracted to, btw. She has the low self-esteem trait to make it easier. Maybe the office scene needs to be tweaked?

    On a more positive note, I am really loving the latest version. Especially the exhibitionism in the workout scenes. I hope there are plans to add more exhibitionism is the future!

    I am also really liking the patron's expanded character creation options, are there plans to add more customization to the random npc probabilities? Like weights for certain physical/personality traits in addition to their general personality type?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. This has been mentioned from time to time, and the text for it definitely exists, but I've never been able to trigger it either and my characters are almost always absolute deviants. I think the only variable I haven't used is shy. I do think it's a bug but this game is rad as hell and I don't care.

    2. There's a fix in the next version that should help with the client scene.

      There'll definitely be more exhibitionist/voyeuristic content in the future. Have you found the voyeur content? It's hidden under one of the 'evil' options for cheating at the solo dance contest.
      Friendship will really make it easier to unlock a lot of content around that area. I was thinking of running a vote to see what sort of sexy friend content people wanted, but I think I'll wait until next month for that.

      As for customisation, the big change there will be the 4k milestone which will let you put exact npcs into the game. Otherwise, I don't plan to add more customisation for character traits because these are already influenced by personality. I may put more in for physical content like age and body type, but the logic for working out body types is a bit complex and that might make it difficult to add.

    3. On the topic of the voyeur scene...

      Since the game has more possible weekly activities than ever, and still no events attached to either of the fashion activities, there's even less of a chance the player will ever boost their fashion skill. Would a passive one point per week fashion skill increase make sense? Or maybe a small skill increase every time the player goes clothes shopping.

    4. I agree completely. In fact, I agree so much that the fashion increase from shopping is already in the game :D
      At least, assuming it isn't bugged - you should get 1 point from each shopping trip, compared to 5 from the fashion show and 4 from studying at home.

      Fashion will get more events eventually, but probably when voting steers me in the direction of more free-time content.

  8. So here is an idea: what about having threesomes at the club?

    One of the lines is that the guy you are talking with drapes his arm around the character to show her off to his friends. How about using that as a possible initiator to get it on with two guys at the same time?

    1. It would also be interesting to have threesomes when you have a boyfriend and then have a date with another guy.

    2. Unless it's in an extremely limited context, multiple-partner content would be much more complicated to code than scenes for two people, so I'm not going to consider it seriously until all the core two-character scenes are in.

  9. Quick suggestion: a scene for when you get too drunk at the bar where you blackout and wake up next to a random npc.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't intend to add this sort of content.

    2. Will there ever be any scenes related to getting blackout drunk? Right now the only unique action connected to reckless binging is the "Hide" command in the club, and that doesn't even have any resulting text attached to it upon use. If the player ever gets to go out drinking as part of a Friendship scene, maybe overindulging means her friend has to drag the player's drunken ass around.

      Incidentally, the "Hide" action doesn't advance time in the club event, so the player can spend an eternity in her darkened corner if she so wishes.

    3. Seems realistic. As a very shy introvert myself, I can tell you that times when I've wound up hiding in a corner in a public event seem to last bloody forever.

    4. It doesn't have to be that specific event but I just wanted to suggest some sort scene for when you drink past a certain amount.

  10. Hi there,

    I've been enjoying the game so far, and I wonder if there's a way to increase the font size, it's a bit tiny for me.


  11. Is there any chance of a Spanish translation? (that somebody do it for you, for example, and you only compile the java) (I mean, you give the text, and he/she translate it for you for free).

    1. Not anytime soon. I'll see about cleaning up the code for the final release and I'll reconsider this sort of thing then, but until that point it's a definite no. First because the game isn't written in a way that makes translation very realistic and second because I'd want to wait until the text isn't changing every week as I improve the game mechanics.

  12. Hi! Great game! One of my favourites ever!
    I have a couple of questions (sorry, they probably have been asked before...)

    1) is there a plan to add height to physical character customization?

    2) seeing as you are adding mutations, are there any plans on putting more beside pregnancy accellerator? (i would love something that makes your breasts grow more the more you get aroused... or if you plan on making height a stat something that grows you the more semen you ingest... i'm a BE/giantess fetishist too :P)

    3)any plan on adding milking scene/statuses while pregnant?

    Btw, as soon as i can i'll try a support this game on patreon anyway, great job!


  13. Clothing sorting (by name, type, attributes, etc) would be nice, just throwing it out there.