Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Patreon charging

Hi all!

Patreon are trying out a new feature called "charge upfront", and I'm in the first set of creators to use it. 

The basic idea is that when a new patron signs up, they now get charged straight away instead of waiting until the next month. This should help sort ut a bunch of issues with the Patreon system.

It'll be especially useful for new voter patrons. In the past, to vote you had to sign up the month before the vote actually happened - this was really annoying but necessary to avoid possible issues with vote-fixing.
Charge-upfront solves this problem, and means that new patrons can now vote straight away. I imagine it must have been very frustrating for patrons who'd signed up just before an important vote and not been able to participate. Now, there are no such constraints.

What this means for you is:
- If you're already a patron, then nothing changes. You'll be charged at the start of each month, as normal.
- Check out Patreon's help page to see how it's handled if you're an existing patron and decide to change your pledge amount.
- If you decide to become a patron, then you'll be charged for the current month when you sign up. Feel free to immediately participate in votes or bring up topics for minor changes in the Inner Circle thread. After that, your pledge will get processed at the start of each new month, just like existing patrons.

To celebrate this change, I'm going to run a new mini-vote which will end about a week after the release of the next version. I expect that'll be out tomorrow, but if there are problems in testing then it could take an extra day.

Here are the mini-vote details. It involves added content that'll build on the new stuff that's being added in 0.3.19 but that I wasn't able to fit into the list of changes for the release. 

I don't expect anyone to vote just yet as I'm sure you'll want to actually play the new befriending scene first, so I'll post the details here now, but hold fire on a Patreon post about how to vote until after the release is out.

Upcoming vote:

I have some ideas for extending the friendship paths in the female npc befriend scene. These would be done as either short extensions or small mini-scenes, not large new scenes with lots of choices. Even so, there probably won't be time to do more than one in 0.3.20 because it's going to have a large "going out with a friend" activity.

So, the vote is to choose which extension gets added:

After successfully seducing her handsome young target, your new friend has an opportunity to sneak into the back room with him while his boss is away. There's one drawback... if the boss comes back to find a queue of angry customers then there'll be hell to pay. Can you cover his position and warn the lovers if they need to get dressed in a hurry?
This would be a short addition to the scene handled similarly to the girl-with-torn-clothes-has-sex content in the dance contest scene. The player would have a few actions where she peeks in on her friend to check she's ok, and gets to see what she's doing. Like all these additions, this section would be quite linear - the boss wouldn't actually show up and catch them.

A helpful man assists in getting your drunk friend into a taxi, but that isn't quite the end of the night. With all three of you going in the same direction, you decide to share the vehicle. You're expecting a straightforward ride home, but to your surprise your drunken friend decides to unfasten her seatbelt and climb atop the helpful bloke next to her.
This would be an addition to the clear-headed party-girl path. It'd also be fairly voyeuristic, similar to the sophisticated one. There'd probably be two mini-paths depending on whether your friend goes down on him or if they have sex. I'm not sure if the taxi driver gets to say anything. What does a driver even say when their passengers start getting it on in the back seat? Maybe you can talk to him about the weather. Although if your friend is a screamer then you might have to speak quite loudly.

As a follow-on to some of the paths that have the gang enjoying the player's company, she'd be given an invite to return down to the canal with them. This would unlock an activity "Walk by the canal" which would let the pc return for further shenanigans with these scummy criminals.
Although this would be a separate scene, the actual sex/make-out content would be handled by the existing sex/makeout/oral scenes and new content for this would be slight - essentially just a lead-in the the bigger scenes and a short conclusion afterwards.

The vote will ask you to pick one of these three, but don't go ahead and start voting yet - I'll post on Patreon with the details once 0.3.19 is out.


  1. hope this means .19 is soon :D

    1. Well it's Friday night now, so you know that the female NPCs are going to take forever to get ready.

    2. It's not night yet here! :D
      Although S.O. doesn't exactly live in California.

    3. Looks like another day of delays :(

  2. "Although this would be a separate scene, the actual sex/make-out content would be handled by the existing sex/makeout/oral scenes and new content for this would be slight"

    Don't sell it too hard.

    1. The idea of scummy criminals is all I needed to hear for that one, honestly.

    2. The criminal element already receives more than it's fair share of representation in Newlife. No, the correct choice for this vote is the extended Party-Girl event, as it includes all of the prerequisites needed for the perfect scene:

      a) sex
      b) a car
      c) sex in a car

      One wonders if a vote is even necessary.

    3. Sex in a car is sooo 1963. Sex on a segway, now you're talking.

    4. On a segway?

      You youngsters are so spoiled. When I was a kid, all we had for vehicular mating were pogo sticks, and we liked them!

  3. hey, i've got an idea recently, how about when you're out partying, and you have had too many drinks, you can have a black out and when you wake up, you can be at someone's place and have to do the good ol' walk of shame home, or you can wake up passed out in the alley with all your stuff stolen, or at home (with someone else or not)
    what do you guys think? :)

  4. I used to love this game and its still okay but i highly suggest playing 'Girl Life - English Community Version' on although it has a big download all of it is pictures and gifs that make it a very realistic game. literally anythings on it.