Sunday, 20 November 2016

Newlife 0.4.0

Hello everyone!

Version 0.4.0 of Newlife is finished and I've released it on Patreon. Early-access Patrons can find it in the creations section here. The changelog is below.

The previous version is now public. You can download it using the links on the right-hand side of the blog. The 0.3.27 changelog is here.

As usual, saved files & templates from older versions probably won't work with newer ones. 

For new players - just use one of the links to the right to get a zipfile containing Newlife. Once unzipped, you'll see a folder containing .jar and .exe files. Either one of these will run the game. 

For either version you'll need to have Java installed. A lot of programs use Java so you might well already have it. If the jar shows up as an unrecognised file type, then you probably don't. In that case you can get it from
The exe should tell you if you don't have the right version on your computer, but you'll still need to install java to run the game.
There's a guide for new players here which includes some troubleshooting tips for installation & downloading.

This version completes the Friendship update and voting will start next month on which major update will be next.

Here's the full changelog for this version:

Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new socialisation event.
  • You can now go to the bar with sophisticated female NPCs as well as party-girls, and they will have different content when this would be appropriate for an action.
Minor changes & bugfixes:
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano and Wasda for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a bug where the “rough sex” flag wasn't properly being passed to the makeout scene when you have sex with the repairman after lying to him about payment.
  • Fixed an issue with the blackjack scene reported by Wasada, Death25 and Symbiotic Life where the descriptions of the character's breasts were using the wrong sizes.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Comfort Her” option from showing up in the repeatable work friend scene for some characters. I also changed the action conditions so it won't show up for bitchy characters that are given the option to be mean to her – they'll now just choose between bullying or ignoring her. Bitchy characters with a high relationship will still be able to access the comfort action.
  • Fixed a bug reported by David on patreon where the blackjack scene would error if the first round ended with all players going bust.
  • Fixed a bug with scene transitions in the blackjack scene reported by Kayla.
  • Fixed an issue with the blackjack game reported by Monokuma so that aces can now properly count as 11.
  • Fixed an issue reported by OrangeJuice where an innocent sales colleague with the dull trait can bore you about her work without any reference to the fact that she has the same job as you. She will now still bore you about her work, but the text is slightly different to reflect that.
  • Fixed some issues affecting the availability of adult party games.
  • Added a new NPC action to the bar scene where a man you're talking to can give you a compliment.
  • Added a small new NPC action to the date at home.
  • Added some short follow-up actions to the party-girl flashing in the house party.
  • Reduced the weighting and tightened the conditions for men putting your legs over their shoulders during missionary sex. This should now be significantly less common unless the NPC has the vigorous lover trait.
  • Added a new NPC action to the missionary scene where the man can open your legs if you're still keeping them together.
  • Added some Male-Male options to the spin-the-bottle party game, as requested on an inner-circle thread a while back. If there's more than one male player then you'll be prompted at the start of the scene whether to allow MM pairings.
  • Added a new pull-out orgasm description to the missonary scene.
Enjoy the new version, and let me know if you find any bugs! 


  1. Hurrah, now getting 2 aces will result in a 12, rather than a 2!

  2. Just a minor bug report: losing a round of blackjack and taking off my character's top, the text mentions that it reveals "small pale breasts" when my character's breasts are large.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Is that in the public version? It should be fixed in 0.4.0

    2. Quite possibly. My budget is super-thin so I can't support anybody right now with money, but I can do a bit of QA with my downtime to make up for it. So my reports will probably be a version behind.

  3. An honest opinion for you to consider.

    I feel that you have been really going too mainstream/ perfectionist with your current direction of approach. While it's a nice touch for newer player to see every little detail get the attention, I could see older players , even subscriber get frustrated at the lack of new contents. (despite I have little doubt that you do try really hard every month for it).

    I wrote before as well, and my guess is you right now are getting weighted down by old contents. Where you have to balance on what you want to write/ easier for you to do, and what the loyal audiences want/ consistent with old material. With the later increasingly win every day

    Maybe try to discuss with your patreon circle, ask them if you can try going 50-50. 50% of the time on developing the current game. Meanwhile 50% going a bit wilder and try things you want to do/ have an idea about but may not be consistent with the core game. If the core mechanisms weight you down for example, develop an option to "go on a trip", or "become a maid of a rich house", or "being kidnapped by shady organisation" or "time skip 5-10 years later". Where you can serve all the need of consistency with the old game (relationship, clothes, jobs situation), where the writing could be more unrefined, but you can implement as much idea as you want. Then depend on feedback, you can spend more time on it + link the consistency with the old games (can invite your partner to go along, can use the same old wardrobe), or just keep it as unrelated minor event.

    You could also stumble into another winning formula that way

    Just an opinion for you to consider

    1. Hi, I think if I was going on a major tangent like that I'd want it to be a separate game. There are a lot of central design decisions with Newlife that I'd change if I was starting something new, so a project like that would be an opportunity to do so.

      There are some issues around starting a new project though: the main one being finding the time to do it, so I'm unlikely to do so in the immediate future. Things like completing Newlife's submissions guide and looking into options for replacing the UI take priority for my non-coding time.

  4. Don't know why so many complaints. I do like the new blackjack scene. Tried it some times. Is it possible to turn making out into full sex? That'll be real fantastic.

    1. One of the makeout forfeit paths can lead to sex: you need high arousal though so it isn't common. There's also a sex path in one of the female NPC + male NPC forfeits, although that's handled within the blackjack scene rather than passing off to a separate sex scene.

  5. I've noticed a problem, where a jerk NPC promises to pull out during intercourse, but then talks about how "your pussy is going to be filled with his cum" - but without any available reactions from the PC for this statement.

    At a minimum, I think the "beg him to pull out" option should become available at this point, and if a willpower check is made, an option to end the sex should be added.

    1. Thanks, I've found & fixed a bug with the condition for that statement - it's supposed to only appear when he hasn't agreed to pull out.

  6. What's the socialization event? I haven't been supporting you on Patreon for some time because, erm , financials but where and what is it exactly?

    1. The conditions are:
      - You must have a male friend and at least one female friend that they're attracted to. The attraction check isn't especially hard but might be an issue if the female friend is plain. The requirement for two friends means this scene is unavailable for shy characters.
      - The male friend must be ugly and not charming, toned, muscular or boastful
      - Your friend status towards him must not be bad
      - You must not have had sex with him and your relationship status cannot be "dating".
      - He must not be in love with you. For romantic men this is strengthened so that he can't be at "confused" love level or above.
      - As with all socialisation events, it'll only trigger when you're using the "hang out with friends" action.

  7. Hey, thanks a lot for your game! Nice piece of work there! Nonetheless, it's possible that I found a glitch, not sure. My character was having some sex play with character Chris (don't know it's full profile). Suddenly Chris just rape the character meaning, during dialogs he goes his way and penetrates her anyway taking her virginity. I clicked to "stop sex and take it off" and so he did. Nonetheless, during and after finishing the scene, my character stats still showed it as virgin. Is it possible? By the description Chris was even having "violent" sex with my char. So, even a complacent himen would have been put to treads by it.

    1. The game only counts you as losing your virginity once you have sex to completion with someone.

      Hymens aren't really mentioned in game, and it's assumed that your virginity status is more about how the character considers herself than any phyical thing - you can even give birth and still count as a virgin afterwards. In real life many virgin women will have broken their hymens from various non-sexual activities, so it isn't a reliable indication of virginity.

      If you insist that he stop having sex with you, then I figure it shouldn't count - the pc's official first time can wait until she has a sexual encounter that she likes enough to go through with it all the way.
      There are a few quirks in-game due to this, such as text mentioning that it's the first time a man's been inside her, but I think they're minor enough to not be a serious problem.

  8. Love your game but still find the Club scene to short. It's usually the scene where you find more opportunities to have sex. Of course you need to have a "timing" control of it so that it'll not last forever but usually character just has time to take some 5 to 6 drinks along the scene and the night is over. If she goes dancing with someone, those 6 or 6 lines during the dance take something like "some hours". Bathroom scenes are Ok. Suggest maybe some "hidden corner" sex play to heat it up and raise up her "heat" score. I guess it could be given more play time there. Considering you always have the options to "Go home" and "Ask 'name' to walk you home" you can use anytime you want to leave the scene I consider that playing there as much as I want would be a plus.

    Another comment, I am not sure if that is possible but I'd find interesting if in the scene of "stealing", the thief could force/ask for some sex favor from the character if she resists or not to give him her purse. Also in the scene of "Ask 'name' to walk you home", 'Name' could try to take advantage and abuse her somehow.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice 2017.

    Keep up with the good working.

    1. Getting a drink is faster if you let a guy buy it for you. As a heavily-repeatable scene I don't want it to take too long - I had to cut the duration of the club dancing scene for that reason.

      I don't intend to add the mugger as a character you can have sex with, although I did have some cut content on another path where you could trick him into having gay sex with your male companion - that had some issues with it though so it probably won't end up actually going in the game.

    2. Thanks for your answer. My point is not on the duration of the dancing scene or drink scene itself but on how much each one contributes to bring night to an end. Usually, you have a first round where some few guys try to hit on you + message "half night" + second round where they frequently don't try to make out with you and it fastly ends with "go home alone"/"ask him to bring you home".
      I don't know how do you control the duration of the night out in the club but to me it seems like a 6h night is compressed into a virtual 2h night (as for the activities that char can engage into during it).