Sunday, 30 April 2017

Newlife 0.4.7

Hello everyone!

Newlife 0.4.7 has been released. Early-access Patrons can find it in the creations section here. The changelog is below.

The previous version is now public. You can download it using the links on the right-hand side of the blog. The public version's changelog is here.

As usual, saved files & templates from older versions probably won't work with newer ones. 

For new players - just use one of the links to the right to get a zipfile containing Newlife. Once unzipped, you'll see a folder containing .jar and .exe files. Either one of these will run the game. 

For either version you'll need to have Java installed. A lot of programs use Java so you might well already have it. If the jar shows up as an unrecognised file type, then you probably don't. In that case you can get it from
The exe should tell you if you don't have the right version on your computer, but you'll still need to install java to run the game.
There's a guide for new players here which includes some troubleshooting tips for installation & downloading.

This one adds the 'wedding vows' system - this will be improved and refined with new cheating content and the trying-for-baby relationship status, both of which will come in the 0.4.x updates. Vows are by default inactive until you actually get married, which isn't possible in the current version. However, there's an option to let them trigger during engagements for the time being.

Major changes & additions:
  • Once you're engaged you can now insist that your partner make certain promises before your marriage. He can also make demands of you. These will normally only activate once you're wed but as that isn't possible yet I've added an option to make them trigger immediately. These 'wedding vows' are treated as binding promises on whoever makes them and you won't be given the option to violate them. For instance, if you promise the never ask him to wear a condom then those actions will no longer be available with him. The baby-making vows are placeholders while the 'trying for baby' relationship status remains unimplemented – they'll be properly handled once that gets added.
  • The player's age is now customisable with 4 options: 18/19, early 20s, late 20s and 30s. I believe that more players are more interested in younger categories so the random generation algorithm will tend towards those ages. Chaos mode will choose one of the two younger categories, and non-chaos mode based on a gender-bent male character won't pick an older age than the man's. This change was most recently requested by Der Kittin Kampf, but I know it's been asked for quite a few times in the past; too many to track down everyone's names – my apologies!
  • One new random event. Well, technically two but the second is a path into the Vow scene above.
Minor changes & bugfixes:
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Demetri, La Guide du Noob, OrangeJuice, Classique75 and Saur for reporting problems they found.
  • Added 2 new baby-toy Stuff items that are buyable when you have kids, as suggested by kurono02. These increase your childcare skill when it's checked to determine your stress from parenting and whether you lose your weeknight timeslot.
  • As suggested by Saint Destiny, losing your virginity as a blackjack forfeit will now have its own line when you talk to an innocent friend about your first time, similar to the sex-shop, concert and other unusual first-times.
  • Added missing legwear-related text to the description when you're almost naked after changing into sexy nightwear a home – thanks to Saur for reporting this ommission.
  • As requested by Saur, added “ask him to come inside” actions to the male-dominant sex scenes.
  • Following a suggestion by Der Kittin Kampf, characters who max their fitness skill can now change their body-type to Toned via an optional action in the gym. This will also adjust current and maximum fitness values to reflect their new body type.
  • Characters who are hard to please now get increased stress reduction from having at least one orgasm. Thanks to Paul G. on Patreon for writing the post I was replying to when I thought of this.
  • Doubled the effect of the condom-damaging-secretions trait, as requested on Patreon by Lilbobchicago.
  • New age category: the somewhat-clumsily named Eighteen or nineteen. I know that Late Teens would be more consistent with the existing ages, but for staying-out-of-prison reasons I want to be very clear that characters are over 18. This age category can appear on NPCs, be used for custom NPCs, and chosen for the player.
  • Your children now have names which are chosen (from a number of preset choices) when the baby is born. You can also ask your partner to name the child, if he's present. Beware though, certain men may use this as an excuse to give free rein to their egos.
    The following fixes were also made following initial bug reports on Patreon:
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Max Mustermann, Death25, Atc and Saur for reporting problems they found.
  • Added a new cheat option: Vow Master. This forces your partner to accept any vows you request. His ability to make demands is unchanged and he can still break off the engagement if you refuse something that's particularly important to him.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Cubano where a boastful partner could name a child after himself even if he wasn't the father.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Secondarian where the PC's age wasn't being correctly displayed on the character screen (this was still hardcoded to show Early Twenties, an oversight from beforehand).
  • Fixed an issue reported by Secondarian where under some circumstances the event where your fiancĂ© raises his demands wouldn't fire a second time if you broke off your engagement and then got engaged again later.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Saur where the 'sleep together' scene wasn't properly handling the “always accept sex” vow.
  • Also fixed similar problems with several other scenes reported by Max Mustermann.
  • Fixed a bug with the “help with kids” vow reported by Momokuma.
  • Following an issue raised by Saur, added alternative text when a request is refused because the NPC would ask for a favour, but he has no further favours to ask for.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Max Mustermann where the “go on/off pill” vows weren't changing your pill status when first activated.
  • Fixed (I think) an issue related to scene transitions reported by Monokuma and Death25
  • Fixed an issue reported by Max Mustermann where saying goodbye to your repairman boyfriend could lead to him staying anyway, but flirting with him would guarantee his departure – he is now likely to stay over if you flirt as well.


Enjoy the new version, and let me know if you find any bugs! 


  1. How do you offer sex in the blackjack game? I've only ever seen it go as far as oral. Is it a certain trait/personalty or is it something to do with friendship/friendship status? Or just being flat out drunk at the party?

    1. *friendship/relationship status*

    2. AFAIK, you don't "offer" sex. If you are aroused, slutty, and/or drunk enough then making out goes further than intended.

    3. So I choose "offer make out" over "offer oral" under these right circumstances?

  2. "Beware though, certain men may use this as an excuse to give free reign to their egos."

    I'll say. Sam Jr. got named after a guy who isn't even his dad.

    1. Thanks! There should probably be a check for whether the bloke is the baby's father - I'll put one in there.

  3. ask him to cum inside with male dominant scenarios is a good addon.

  4. So, I was posting on another forum but it seems you don't visit it anymore. Going to post a backlog of things I wrote:

    Suggestion: “You roll him onto his back and straddle him.”

    It would be nice to have to have an additional comments related to this, particularly about the legs to add some sexiness to this action. Also, I feel character traits and specific mental traits should play a part in some key actions. Furthermore, clothe state, high love, high hate and drunk states should also play a factor as well.

    Some examples:

    - (Cute) You coyly roll John onto his back and mount him. Your nude toned legs brush against his and your raised short black dress reveal your thin red thong.

    - (Sultry or Drunk) You aggressively roll John onto his back and mount him. Your womanly legs dominate over his. Your black fishnet hold-ups cover your legs up your rosy mid-thigh and John can notice your pussy is exposed with no panties to protect it.

    - (Posh) You stoically push John onto his back and mount him. Your thin legs surround his but your legs are impeded from parting further as your long dress is getting in the way.

    - (Shy) You ask John to get on his back and hesitantly mount him. Your porcelain colored toned legs surround his and your skater dress allows you to part your sock covered knees freely.

    Suggestion: It would be nice if your lover had an action where he’d touch your legs during sexual encounters. Romantic types should perform this action more often and guys who just want to get laid don’t do this as much unless they really like you.

    Suggestion: The addition of striped stockings of (red & white) (black & white) for casual, sexy nightwear and going out activities.

    Suggestions: The addition of crotch-less black or white stockings for casual, sexy nightwear and going out. I think this could work as it can easily be considered the same as stockings except for a few flavor texts.

    Suggestion: Legwarmers for casual and athletic. Should work around the same function as over the knee socks.

    Suggestion: When the action of “Say you’re Ready”, it would be nice if there’s a variable to include anal sex, maybe my character doesn’t want the conventional intercourse?

    Suggestion: “Andrew reaches his hands up your white skater dress. He grips your white thong and pulls it down your legs and off.” Would be nice to have a comment about leg wear here. “nude legs”, “toned legs”, “black stocking legs”.

    Suggestion: There should be an NPC legman trait with that certain preference. If footjobs ever get implemented one day, this would make the legman trait super interesting to have.

  5. Editing Needed: “Theodore pushes you onto the bed”

    Suggestion: Sultry characters shouldn’t “nervously reach down and run their hands on crotch area”. Especially if they’ve been friends with benefits for a while with the guy.

    Suggestion: “You part your legs, ready to accept his manhood inside you.”
    Would be nice to have to have an additional comments for this as well, particularly about the legs to add some sexiness.

    Some examples:

    - (Cute) You innocently part your toned legs, inviting John’s manhood between your nude pale thighs.

    - (Sultry) You erotically part your womanly legs, ready to accept John’s manhood inside you. Your black fishnet stockings cover your legs until the mid-thigh revealing your olive skin.

    - (Down to Earth) You smile at John and part your legs your slim legs for him. Your black fishnet holdups and lack of panties make it clear what the next step will be.

    - (Low Self Esteem) You thoughtfully open your toned olive black stocking covered legs wide apart for John and anticipate him to use your body for his pleasure.

    Bug : “Theodore tells you that there's nothing he likes more than anal sex, and asks if you're in the mood for trying some.

    You nod and agree to have anal sex with him.
    You turn over and get on all fours so he can do it to you doggy-style. A cool slickness drizzle over your butthole as he anoints it with some lube that he had available. A moment later, his hardness presses against it. He thrusts, the lubrication easing its passage, and his erection makes its way into your ass.

    Theodore tells you that there's nothing he likes more than anal sex, and asks if you're in the mood for trying some.”


    Bug: There’s no comment about cum leaking after an anal creampie.

    Suggestion: Kissing on the dance floor seems to be happening with great ease. It seems to happen with no issue as well if your PC is in a relationship. I know there's a relationship update but it would also be nice if your PC can act upon if an NPC tries to kiss them and vise-versa. Obviously, attraction and booze should play a part as well if they’re really attached and in love.

    Editing Needed: “His powerful hand leaves a tingling imprint where it landed on your bare bottom. let out an incoherent moan, arching your back to push back against him, every sensation driving you closer now to orgasm.”

  6. Suggestion: “Your pussy's wet with your natural juices, so you suggest he use that as a source of lubrication before penetrating you anally. Lucas rubs his cock against your pussy, the bare head parting your labia and pressing against the entrance itself. Then, his manhood coated with your juices, he pulls back, takes a deep breath and then thrusts forward again, pushing it between your buttocks, through your ring and into your ass.”

    It would be nice if impregnators or selfish NPCs just try to f*** you in the pussy and if your willpower isn’t high enough or you’re too drunk or horny if you’re not able to stop it. Them being wasted should also play a part as well.

    Editing Needed: “Lucas you turn him on more than anyone else he's ever known.”

    Suggestion: When the NPC asks you for anal sex and you don’t respond, certain NPC types should just take the initiative.

    Suggestion: “You wrap your legs around him”
    Same type of thought as before

    - (Cute) You perkily wrap your slender light brown legs around John, his strong back hard at work as he pounds thoughtlessly into you. You can’t help but feel his hard muscle even with your thin black stockings between you.
    - (Sultry) You seductively snake your shapely dark brown white stockings covered legs around John.
    - (Post) You elegantly twine your white curvaceous nude legs around John, his back covered with sweat as he pounds into you. The nude skin contact between you and John on your calves as well as you stomach from his flabby body from his sweat is a notable feeling.
    - (Romantic) You passionate wrap your nude shapely legs around John’s large back and hold him close to you. The skin to skin contact enhances the intimacy of the moment as John thrust slowly into you keeping eye contact.

    Similar Suggestion: “Show off your body” action in straddle position should have more flavor text depending on personality and how close you are to orgasm.

    Suggestion: There should be an NPC trait that have pregnant PC’s as their main fetish.

    Bug : Duplicate.
    You're behaving in a cutesy sweet-and-innocent way.

    You put on your sweetest face and voice, and chat with Theo in a cutesy way. Your developed social skills make you an excellent conversationalist.
    Theo smiles and chats with you. You put on your sweetest face and voice, and chat with Theo in a cutesy way. Your developed social skills make you an excellent conversationalist.

    Suggestion: “You surreptitiously get your clothing back in order.”
    Drunk state should play a factor here. Also other favor texts with the same result would be a good thing.

    It would be nice if the sales call with the old man would have different paths. The old man can sometimes spawn as a guy who will try to have sex with you or propose you a "special deal".
    The options are a bit dry bones, either "be his friend" or never see him again.

  7. Also when you "hide" in clubs, the text is blank and guys can randomly come up to you and chat. Any chance for some variety here?

    Same thing here when you opt "no" to go at home with someone, blank text. Then all you can do is press "finish". It would be nice if there was some colortext.

    Suggestion: You pull your [ADD COLOR] hair back from your face and tuck it behind an ear, then lean down and quickly taste his cock,

    Suggestion: Adding the ability to “arch your back your back during doggie sex”. More variety to this position is important and arching your back should give bonuses to pleasure for both partners. It should also be an option that comes after a certain amount of acquaintance to the position, faster to learn for “sultry” type characters. No virgins being pros here!

    Editing needed: “Your moans are becoming ‘more louder’ and intense as his thick, rubber-covered cockdrives you nearer and nearer to climax.

    Suggestion: Would love to see a turtleneck sweater added to the clothes section. Should work along the same lines as a normal shirt you pull over your head with flavor-text to describe it accentuates your body curves/chest area. Casual/Business oriented.

    Question: Any chances of adding more girls in this game? You can only meet 3 then a 4 (if you're nice at work)and in most of my games, I keep getting a large amount of certain types of girls. Is there a way to ensure at least 1 of each type are present?

    New Cheat: Ability to have 3 friends without outgoing trait.

    Suggestion: You lean back against one of the club's walls, seductively stretching out your [SKIN COLOR] legs, showing off how they're delightfully toned beneath your black over-the-knee socks.

    Suggestion: Ability to keep track of sexual activities by person. Had sex with them is fine, had anal sex would be good as well, should also track blowjobs.

    Suggestion: “You find yourself in bed with Cameron.” It would be more interesting to develop several ways for the 'making out at a wall' transition more interestingly 'to the bed scene'. Softly, passionately, roughly, I' sure you get the gist of it.

    Editing needed: “You feel a sudden emptiness as Reuben'sfat cock is suddenly withdrawn from you.”

    Editing/Suggestion needed: “You unfastens her black stockings from their suspender belt and take them off, discarding the now-useless belt as well.” (I'm taking off my own stockings in this action) (Adding some more flavor text on how you're taking them off would make this action better.

    Editing needed: “You promise that if you lose another round you'll make out with one of that round's winners. The forfeit is considered acceptable, and you're allowed to keep playing. She decides that if she loses another round she'll give oral sex to one of the winners.” (Written in the 3rd person all of a sudden)

    Suggestion: Possibility of having sex in an alley after nightclub or bar.

    Suggestion: Possibility of having sex in a motel after nightclub or bar.

    Suggestion: Possibility of having sex in the toilet of the restaurant.

    Editing Needed : You're on your hands and knees with Jacob behind you. He's just finished fucking your ass and his seed is splattered wetly over your back.
    You can feel an orgasm building inside you, and you'll probably be reaching climax soon. <- lul

    Editing Needed : You tremble beneath him, anus clenching around his thick, bare cockslender fingers clutching at the floor. , your whole being overwhelmed with pleasure.

  8. Sorry for all the suggestions... it's 4 months worth. :)

  9. Really like Jason Montana's suggestions. Would also like to see something where an outgoing PC can take the initiative for sex in the club.

    Another thing that would be nice is options to ban certain body types in the cheats menu. Unrealistic I know. But I'd like to avoid some of the gross NPCs.

    1. You can more-or-less do this by creating a bunch of custom NPCs with everything blank aside from Figure, Priority, Type and Enabled. The normal creation algorithm will fill in any blanks while keeping the Figure that you set.

  10. This may be blasphemous, but I would like a "skip sex scene" option. Sometimes the game feels too realistic when my partner wants sex but I've already had sex with them a lot and I'm not really feeling it because I'm trying to get a different scene but I don't want to disappoint them. I end up clicking through the sex scene to get them off as quickly as possible. Having one button to do that would be nicer. For the ultimate in realism, the button could be called "give annoyed quickie handjob."

    1. I think this has more to do with the repetitive nature of sex (just a bunch of clicking). More variety in options and senarios would help.

    2. A good suggestion. I do have something along these lines on the todo list based on a suggestion I had ages ago on the tfgs forums - a "quick sex" option that'll be in the makeout scene.

  11. One odd behavior I've noticed, is that if:
    • you ask the guy to take off his condom, and he calls you a baby crazy slag
    • then you go down on him, removing the condom
    • and then you straddle him and start fucking bareback

    the guy doesn't seem to have any problem with this. I think it would be interesting if the guys would warn/beg you to dismount before they come, and/or physically try to push you off at the last minute if you ignore them.

    Similar things happen in male dominant sex -- first of all, it's a little odd that a guy who is so determined to wear a condom would just forget to put one back on after a minute of half-hearted ball sucking. But second of all, it would be neat if conscientious and/or baby-averse guys would actively try (and potentially fail, of course) to avoid finishing inside you.

    I think that these might work best as a special action at the orgasm (sort of like the tits/face/mouth dialogue in the oral scene).
    "Suddenly, Rory pulls away from you. 'I've got to pull out,' he says. You feel his girthy cock begin to withdraw..."
    [Push him off of you frantically/beg him to finish inside you/wrap your arms and legs around him and pull him into you with all your might.]

    "We've got to stop," Alvin pants, as you gyrate above him. "I don't want to get you pregnant. I'm -" he swallows nervously, his breath shallow "I'm *really* close."
    [Hurriedly dismount/tell him to hold it -- you're too close to stop now!/tell him it's okay to come inside if he wants/grin maliciously, sink onto his cock, and begin to furiously work your hips]

  12. Hi,
    I got a scene where a pervy friend asked me to help him have sex with one of my female friends. But I have never got it again after that does someone know what traits are required to get that scene again?

  13. In the blackjack game, if you start a hand with 21, you still have the option to hit. This is different from accumulating 21 with extra cards, where you don't have that option.

  14. Can you tweak breaking up? In one game I have been 'shaky' with a boyfriend for 6 months - ignored him at the anniversary and haven't slept with or seen him for those six months...but still no chance to even try and break up with him.
    I can totally get jerk or selfish NPCs not accepting a break-up or something like that. But it is really jarring for the PC to be in love with other characters, and not have the chance to break-up with the current boyfriend.
    Oh...he's proposed twice and been turned down, but that hasn't affected the relationship score at all.
    Again...selfish or jerk character, but ...gez.

  15. Could you added the possibility of jerk or selfish NPCs blackmailing the character with videos of pictures they have of her? Could be an interesting sub-plot.

    1. I think I'll have to turn this one down. Not because I particularly dislike the idea, but just because I've too much on my plate at the moment to be taking ideas for new scene-chains.

      I know in the past I've put things like this on the todo list, but the todo list is getting to feel too much like an "idea graveyard" with new additions coming in faster than old ones get crossed off.

      Perhaps bring it up again when I finish up the contributions framework - it might work as a scene I comission from someone.

    2. As someone who is developing their own game, I understand. I'll keep that on the back burner then, shall I?

    3. For the time being. Thanks Nautilus.

  16. I know you're probably done with all the suggestions, but I just wanted to suggest maybe a 'Vasectomy' or 'Infertile' trait for men instead of just women. Just so then if you have an NPC you don't want to knock you up you could just add that so then no matter what he wouldn't get you pregnant. Could be a hidden trait, and could always be something that, if you or him want kids he could agree to have it reversed so it's negated. As well, it would give Impregnators the ability to lie and say they're infertile, so they'll "never knock you up" and make it so you'll agree to have bare sex with them and not worry about pills. May make things a mess, or could make things a bit cleaner, not to sure. Figured I'd just make this suggestion either way and see if anyone cared.

    1. Hi, that'll be a quick addition as long as it doesn't affect in-game text: i.e. it'll be assumed that neither you nor him actually know about his infertility, so he can still have dialogue about knocking you up. I'll put it in the next version as something just for custom characters.