Thursday, 25 May 2017

An update for voters

Hi all, just a quick update for any voter-tier patrons out there. There's 8 hours left to the deadline for the 18/19 age-category vote ( At the time of writing, the vote is an exact tie between the top two options.

I'd obviously prefer to avoid a tie: I get a tie-breaker vote in that case, but I prefer not to have to use it. So, if you're a voter who has a preference between "eighteen" and "late teens", head over there and click your preferred option - your vote could make all the difference!


  1. What was the result of the vote? Also, does this mean 4.8 will be out soon? Any word on what we can expect as well as the status of the new parser?

    1. Late Teens won. 0.4.8 is out now with a new sex scene, although there's more work I want to do with the makeout scene - I've discussed this a bit on the patreon post.

      The parser's still in development. I made some progress earlier in the month and I'll probably get back onto that once the makeout stuff is done. It's been on hold over the last week or two while I've focused on 0.4.8. Overall, I'm fairly optimistic but there's still some major aspects of it that need to be written.