Sunday, 4 January 2015

Newlife 0.2.3 is now available

Newlife 0.2.3 is now available and you can get it using the links on the right-hand side of the blog. As usual saved games & characters from earlier versions won't work with this one.

Because Newlife is a Java game, you need java installed to play it. If you don't have it already, you can get java from

  • Improved how men are chosen for nightclubs. You'll now always get 4-6 men on a night out, which will usually be slightly more than earlier versions.
  • Fixed some text bugs – thanks to Cubano & Engai for reporting these
  • You can now buy stuff for your flat (the activity is available on weekends).
  • Some possible actions on dates are now only available if you've bought the right stuff for them.
  • Reduced the stress reduction from relaxing. Yes, that means those activities are actually worse now. Yes, I know that's the opposite of what people have asked for, but...
  • You can now buy entertainment stuff to help you relax. Buying all the possible choices will make your relaxation actions more effective than they were before.
  • Added some text to the intro to explain why you're naked when you leave Ivy's machine. But I'm not sure if I ever confirmed that the player was wearing clothes at all, so maybe before you'd just optimistically arrived at Ivy's door stark bollock naked.
  • Added shortcut keys for starting a new game, loading a save game & saving the game ("n","l" & "s" respectively). You can also use Enter to start the week from the week planner screen. Thanks to mke for suggesting this.
  • Added a small chance for npcs without the Likes Oral trait to initiate the oral scene anyway. This is just from standing makeouts - only the player gets to initiate oral in bed.
  • Added some new npc dialogue lines to the oral scene that were suggested by HF user Cubano.
  • Slightly reduced the threshold where someone is considered an acquaintance instead of a stranger. This will make it a little easier to get people on the NPC browser because it's only strangers who don't appear there.
  • Renamed the “Browse characters” button to “Browse Relationships”, as suggested by tfgamessite user Subli.
  • Added a Quick Start option from the main menu (shortcut key: Q). This skips the intro scenes and just presents you with the 2 character creation screens. Quick start defaults to Tweaked/Editable for converting the male character to a female one.
  • Moved the Finish button out of the background tab and to the bottom-right of the screen. This should save players a click if they're using saved characters.
  • One new random event.

If you spot any issues, typos or bugs then please report them either here or on one of the forums I post in.

Have fun with the new version :)


  1. excellent work. good updating. we look forward to continuation.
    it would be desirable more options of dialogues and bigger and various activity from men)

    1. Thank you :) I love hearing that people are enjoying the game!
      The 0.2.4 update is more-or-less planned out already, but I'll see if I can get some more dialogue into the one after that. There's definitely space for more talking in quite a few scenes.

  2. Great stuff! I continue to be highly impressed. Thanks for adding the QOL options for those that have played the intro already.

    Did something change with the options for boobjobs? Didn't seem to be available for less busty characters, but maybe I missed something. Would be nice to allow for smaller chests to play too, even if they can't do the same things as bustier characters.

    I really like the variety in NPC attitudes. I do hope we have some distinct NPCs developed down the road with more detailed personalities.

    For the NPC interactions (dancing, erotic, etc.), I would also love to see a wider variety of outcomes for each action, to avoid repetition. Lots of extra writing needed for that, so I know it will take time.

    Overall, this continues to be a very exciting project. Thanks!

    1. Good to hear you're enjoying it :)
      You need C or D cups to use your breasts at the moment. I do see your point though - there's currently 2 boobjob actions and one of them would make sense for smaller breasts. I'd need to have a look through the code and see how much I assumed that the PC has big tits if they're giving breast pleasure though!

      I think dance in particular will get a whole separate scene eventually. I think I said I'd do that for 0.3, but if that release starts taking too long then it'd be top of the list to get put off.
      I will be putting in more content to existing scenes as I think of some (or when I get round to it). I think there'll be more undressing/touching alternatives when I add some new clothing types, and that should be fairly soon - Newlife is definitely overdue for letting the pc wear trousers and t-shirts!

    2. But I had already come up with a backstory for Newlife in which an antifeminist wave has overtaken Britain and women have been banned from wearing pants and male bosses can tell their brand new employees that they'd be a good spunk receptacle without fear of consequence. And then the misogynistic powers that be get wind of Ivy's machine and hatch a sinister plot to infiltrate the radfem insurgency with gender swapped agents of the patriarchy. There could be a whole event chain where the player has to decide whether or not to use their intimate knowledge of the male mind to help the feminists root out spies or to become the first agent in the state's women hating agenda.

      Wearing trousers kind of torpedoes the whole idea.

  3. Any plans to make the PC able to be more dominant? I think the option to make guys go down on you or some more varied cowgirl sex would be pretty cool. Also being able to call out a date instead of wait for him to call you.

    1. Yes, although I don't know how far I'll go with it. I can definitely confirm that cunnilingus will be added though, although I won't be doing any more big sex scenes until after the 0.3 release.

  4. I'm really enjoying the game, and I've got plenty of things I'd like you to add, but most of them seem like things you'll probably add as you expand the available content.

    The one thing I would suggest is making it so that men you give your number to are automatically added to the relationship tab. I keep getting asked on dates by people I talked to a couple weeks back and can't remember.

    Maybe add people you meet regularly too-at one point I had an eight week long string of encounters with a man who kept pulling me into the nightclub bathroom. He took my virginity there the second week of playing, and I'd either give him a blowjob or have sex against the wall every week for eight weeks straight. Yet only when I finally refused to be pulled into the bathroom three times and ran out the night until he asked to walk me home did he finally get added.

    1. If you just have a random hookup in a dark noisy nightclub, probably while drunk, then it's normal to not remember him well - and I think it's fun to maybe have to guess a little about which guy is asking you out.

      I will have to think about adding some sort of conversation option to nightlife so you can get to know guys there, but I might keep that to bars and leave clubs as a place where you can dance but it's too loud to talk.

      As for your experience, are you absolutely sure it was 8 weeks? You should get a point of knowledge for having sex or giving a guy oral - added when he comes. There's a maximum level this can increase you're knowledge to, but it's way higher than the 4 points you need for a guy to appear in the list.
      I've run a test game and I found doing a mix of oral and handjobs 4 times made my chosen partner show up as expected. If you have sex/oral to completion eight times with the same man and he wasn't appearing in the browser then that would be a bug, I've looked over the code and I can't see any way it wouldn't get added except if you use the "Stop having sex" option to finish early though.