Thursday, 22 January 2015

Newlife 0.2.4 is now available

Newlife 0.2.4 is now available and you can get it using the links on the right-hand side of the blog. As usual saved games & characters from earlier versions won't work with this one.

Because Newlife is a Java game, you need java installed to play it. If you don't have it already, you can get java from

  • Various small bug fixes. Many thanks to tffan123, simonmoon5, middling emu and cubano for letting me know about issues they found.
  • Fixed a bug that meant that men were never generated with the “Likes Oral” trait.
  • If a man's cock is out then the Describe Characters description will now tell you if he's wearing a condom.
  • Some small changes on how relationships are first set up. The effect of negative charm in particular has been reduced which means that shy characters won't be disliked by everyone they meet any more. Bitchy characters have a larger charm penalty than shy ones, which means they'll still be widely hated unless they have the outgoing or flirty traits.
  • Added a text description of the player's attractiveness to the “Describe People” output. However, NPC's preferences has a huge effect on what they find attractive, so even if the description says you're attractive or unattractive to most guys there might well be exceptions.
  • The placeholder character information in the week planner screen now shows how much money you have. I know this is ugly, but a proper character screen will be added soon.
  • Fixed a bug where characters with no money could only choose water to drink, even if their date was paying
  • Guys will no longer autonomously put on a condom if the player is pregnant.
  • Condoms will automatically be removed when you end a makeout, even if you didn't have sex – that's because it's maybe a little silly for guys to end up wearing one for a whole date, even through dinner, because they wore one early on.
  • Modified the short descriptions for some skirts.
  • After leaving a sex or makeout scene, your arousal will be reduced to a (fairly high) maximum value if you were on the verge of orgasm.
  • Capped arousal increases from sex talk.
  • Added a new scene. You can access it if you go out in town on a date with a sleazy man.
  • You can go to your GP & chemist as an activity on weekends.
  • Added a new trait: forgetful.
  • Added the pill. I think I updated up all the text that implies you might get pregnant, but if you see any while you're using contraception then please let me know!
  • Men won't autonomously use a condom if you're on the pill
  • Men now might not be carrying condoms, making it impossible for them to agree to a request. The player can buy condoms, but you only have access to your supply at home. Men are more likely to have condoms for situations where they anticipate sex – this includes all dates and the nightclub.
  • Slightly increased the chances for most men to use condoms when asked, assuming they have them.
If you spot any issues, typos or bugs then please report them either here or on one of the forums I post in.

A quick comment on the pill - to go off the pill you need to go to the doctor again. This is a placeholder because eventually you'll control your contraception through the character screen, but that isn't ready yet.
The things you can buy at the doctor/chemist are also not limited by money at the moment. You do get charged for them, but if you don't have enough then it should just put you in debt (i.e. negative money) and still let you make the purchase.
I might change this, but what I really want to do is make the pill have a small weekly cost instead of a large upfront one. That'll have to wait until I add a framework for such temporary effects though.

Have fun with the new version :)

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