Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Prove me wrong - the results

Hello everyone!

As you might know, the voter-tier patrons have been deciding what to do about the "prove me wrong" milestone. For this one, I've promised an update dedicated to whatever they want me to do - subject to the obvious restrictions.

This particular vote had to be run in 2 stages - a simple pre-vote to filter the massive initial list of suggestions down to a managable size, and now a proper vote to pick a single winner.

The results of that vote are now in, and they bear a certain similarity to the last vote for non-core content, in that anal sex took second place and therefore probably will not be added. Sorry butt-fans, better luck next time!

For me, the biggest surprise was footwear, which came 4th - much better than I was expecting for a choice that didn't directly involve sexual content.

Well, onto the matter at hand. The winner of the vote was: Consensual submissive/masochistic content (e.g. rough sex, humiliation etc)

I'll be starting on that as soon as 0.3.9 is finished. 
A quick progress report on that one: I got a bit stuck on the essential scene that I needed to add, so I decided to add a second, similar scene in the hope it'd get things going again. That's worked quite well, but I ended up putting a lot of content in the second scene until it's nearly of a size with the big makeout scenes. 
So, long story short, I still need to put the finishing touches to both those scenes, and test them both too. That means the release will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. I was briefly dejected when I saw anal sex was not the winner, until I saw what the actual winner was. (Wasn't aware of what the options were)

    Very nice. Can't wait.

    Keep up the excellent work - can't wait for the next update

    1. Don't worry, the fact that it came in second means it stands a good chance of winning next time... hopefully we can hit the 5k milestone and make next time come much sooner

  2. >Consensual submissive/masochistic content (e.g. rough sex, humiliation etc)


    I'm not a patron because the lack of this kind of content is enough of a deal breaker for me to kill most of the interest I had in the project, but if you don't half-ass it, I(and probably many others) will seriously consider it.

    Now, actual non-consent would be also good, but I take it your stance on that one didn't change and it's never happening?

    Which is okay, but at the very least it would be great if, similarly to being able to have shitty sex with men you find repulsive, it would be possible to do the rough sex/submissive content without being masochist and enjoying them(but still consensual). Now THAT would make me a patron in a heartbeat, even more than non-consent stuff.

    1. Unless his local politicians get it through their heads that fantasy is not reality, he doesn't have much choice but to bad noncon.

    2. About that... I have a feeling it's more of a paranoid fear or an excuse to avoid the content he doesn't want to do in the first place rather than a real problem.

      UK bookstores still carry pornographic books with extremely explicit non-consent as well as vivid descriptions of pedophilia just fine, and I doubt interactive fiction would really receive much challenge at all. Not to mention no one would care enough to oppose it in the first place as long as you keep it on the internet and away from the eyes of people bothered by such things.

      The only recent instance of a person prosecuted for such content(and even that was probably only because he wrote a story about a real group of people, and went as far to include both rape as well as murder) ended up with him being found not guilty.

      So yeah, I'm going with excuses.

    3. You do have to take into consideration the fact that games are still commonly seen as toys. If you mention video games, without going into detail, especially to a member of the older generations who tend to be the most influential in politics, they will imagine a child in front of a TV. Juxtaposed with things like sex or violence, especially combined, they will immediately set off in crusade against it.

      Books, on the other hand, are a much more mature medium and generally perceived to appeal to a more mature audience. That's why books can get away with more controversial content. Imagine what would have happened if Fifty Shades of Grey were released as a game, even a text-based game, even if it were rated for adults only. It would still be a game, and that still invokes an image of childishness in many.

    4. The op is one sick asshole getting off on rape how low can you get

    5. J Smith, a person can no more choose their fetishes and interests than they can choose their height or what they find tasty. Non-consensual sex, pain, humiliation and helplessness are all relatively common as far as fetishes go, with a significant number of people who enjoy the concept. As long as any sexual encounters a person has are entirely consensual, any scenes in which such fetishes are explored have been planned ahead of time and they stick to Safe, Sane and Consensual guidelines, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them or with what they do. Given that the OP is commenting in regards to an online erotic game, it seems reasonable to assume the OP is exploring their fetishes via digital experiences that harm no one. Condemning the OP for a personality quirk they have no choice in is ridiculous. Rapists are evil scum who deserve a quick death, but people who happen to have an interest in something but do not practice it in real life, no matter how disturbing you find their interest, are human beings just like you, your family and your friends.

      Okay, rant over. Anyway, Anon, I get the sense that SplendidOstrich is both uncomfortable writing directly non-consensual content and legitimately concerned over the possibly of some kind of legal repercussions. Even if SO wasn't actually charged with a crime, it would be extremely embarrassing and likely have severe negative consequences on SO's personal life if it became known by SO's family and friends that SO is making this kind of game, and a blog post SO made several months back mentioned some of the underhanded and nasty methods used by authorities to suppress content they considered 'deviant'. SO's already making an awesome game. You have every right to choose not to donate or become a Patron because the game lacks content you'd enjoy, but SO has every right to make the game SO wants to make without feeling pressured to write and code content that SO finds distasteful or unpleasant.

  3. Interesting results, I'm looking forward to more votes in the future. Very excited for this and the next update. Keep it up!

  4. Dam, maybe next time there is a vote up, the butts will win! And that day will be a glorious day!

  5. Yay! Now my shy buxom redhead can be abused even more!

  6. Out of curiosity, what were the other options up for voting ?

    1. Public sex + getting caught
      Post-sex content inc using discarded condoms to impregnate yourself
      Consensual submissive/masochistic content (e.g. rough sex, humiliation etc)
      Improved content for misogynistic npcs
      Swimwear outfits (without one-piece swimsuits) and a scene using them such as the pool
      A date takes you to a porn shop & asks you to put on a show with a stranger
      Submissive trait for the pc (implementation may be limited, but I'll add as much as is reasonable)
      Limited 3some sex scene, probably with major restrictions on the men's personalities and/or appearances
      Blackmail at work
      Internet dating with some sort of online sexual content
      Ability to create new npcs during the game
      Bondage sex scene

    2. Interesting options, people really have a wide variety of tastes :)

      Kinda wished some of those would also find their way into the game.
      Oh well.


    3. So will this stuff not be added at all or just later on in the game.

    4. Depends on how the next prove me wrong goes.

  7. Seems like "tomorrow" was a little bit optimistic as well ;)

  8. I immediately started throwing wads of cash on my screen when I read this update. Keep up the good work Splendid Ostrich! I've lost many potential children to New Life already, and am looking forward to losing more! :D

  9. to bad prostitution didn't win for it would actually be more fun making cash that way

    1. I agree with this. It would a great way to make extra cash apart from the job.
      In fact it could be also an awesome career path.

  10. Do you guys have an email?