Monday, 18 July 2016

Newlife 0.3.24

Hello everyone!

Version 0.3.24 of Newlife is finished and I've released it on Patreon. Early-access Patrons can find it in the creations section here. The changelog is below.

The previous version is now public. You can download it using the links on the right-hand side of the blog. The 0.3.23 changelog is here.

As usual, saved files & templates from older versions probably won't work with newer ones. 

For new players - just use one of the links to the right to get a zipfile containing Newlife. Once unzipped, you'll see a folder containing .jar and .exe files. Either one of these will run the game. 

For either version you'll need to have Java installed. A lot of programs use Java so you might well already have it. If the jar shows up as an unrecognised file type, then you probably don't. In that case you can get it from
The exe should tell you if you don't have the right version on your computer, but you'll still need to install java to run the game.
There's a guide for new players here which includes some troubleshooting tips for installation & downloading.

This version adds the House Party scene, which is one of the two really key large scenes that were remaining before going to 0.4. Originally envisioned as a large socialisation scene with the pc and her friends, I decided that this limited it too much due to the small number of friend NPCs, so it will now include a number of non-friends. 

The scene is modelled after a student or even a teen house party. It might seem a bit odd that you can get a group in their 40s and 50s together to play spin-the-bottle, but I think it makes for a more interesting setting than a dinner-party would.

There are a lot of potential extensions to this scene, and I'll be revisiting it before the 0.4 update. In particular, there's scope for another sexy party-game: probably some sort of strip card game. In fact, there's almost no end to the potential for these sort of scenes. It would be possible to make an entire adult game just for one party or even just a single party game. In fact, that's something that has been done, although not by me.

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.24:

Major changes & additions:
  • Added a new House Party scene. This can be accessed in the weekend-evening timeslot as long as you have at least one friend. After hosting a party, you need to wait four weeks before hosting another, or three if you're outgoing.
  • Added a scene for a sexy party game (spin-the-bottle) which can be accessed from house parties. There might well be other games added in the future as well.
  • Added a new event for when you get a boyfriend, which lets you drop other man back to acquaintance relationship status instead of dating. This will also make them less likely to ask you on dates although the effect is weaker than “just friends” status. Some characters can also decide to keep quiet about their new relationship and continue getting some on the side.
Minor changes & bugfixes:
  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saur, Max Mustermann, Cubano, Nameless, NotYou, Kayla, Atc & Classique75 for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where the condition for the “let's be more than friends” action was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Saur where a lowlife NPC transitioning from the oral scene to the makeout one was losing the flag that blocks the PC's rejection actions.
  • Fixed a bug where custom special NPCs with low priority might not get loaded, even though they don't count towards the total NPC limit.
  • Following an issue reported by NotYou, added some alternative lines for when your friend encourages you to sleep with an npc so she can hook up with his mate. If she dislikes the NPC she'll now make it a bit clearer that she thinks he's a loser even though she's asking you to have sex with him.
  • Added an alternative line requested by Saur for when you're thinking back to your first time and it was with an ugly man who's also your boss, and the pc has the ambitious trait.
  • Following a bug report by NotYou, added alternative outcomes to the “flirt” and “butter up suggestively” actions if you've given the pervy client a thrashing in a previous meeting.
  • Added GYM_JERK to the custom NPCs, see the updated male Npc guide for details. Please note that the gym jerk has several required traits and the game will override what you set for the custom NPC if they don't meet the requirements.
  • Added a new male orgasm description to the missionary scene: this one can trigger for male-start romantic girls having unprotected sex with a man they love. It won't appear if there are higher-priority descriptions so if you're looking for this one then avoid Romantic-personality men as they have an option that's higher in the list.
  • Also a new one for the standing scene – this time for when he lies about pulling out (it won't trigger if he does try to pull out but fails).
  • As suggested by NotYou, you can now check your stats while shopping for clothing: use the 'C' key to access the character screen.
  • Some small adjustments to the conditions unlocking the Romantic behaviour to make it less ubiquitous for romantic characters meeting strangers but easier for other characters towards their boyfriend.
  • Added some new dialogue suggested by Saur where a repairman can reference how the PC paid last time.
  • When you call a repairman, if you lied and didn't pay him on his previous visit then you'll now need extremely high charm to get away with lying again. This only applies if you didn't pay him at all. Lying but then paying with either money or sex doesn't count.
Enjoy the new version, and let me know if you find any bugs! 


  1. The party scene doesnt work :( I get to the part where it says the real party can begin and it breaks. The three choices are still there. Have a drink and serve drinks dont do anything. If I try to chat with someone, it spits out a bunch of errors and then skips the scene and goes to the next day. I tried it with both the .exe and .jar, and I tried it with several combinations of friends.

  2. The party scene doesnt work :( I get to the part where it says the real party can begin and it breaks. The three choices are still there. Have a drink and serve drinks dont do anything. If I try to chat with someone, it spits out a bunch of errors and then skips the scene and goes to the next day. I tried it with both the .exe and .jar, and I tried it with several combinations of friends.

  3. The party scene doesnt work :( I get to the part where it says the real party can begin and it breaks. The three choices are still there. Have a drink and serve drinks dont do anything. If I try to chat with someone, it spits out a bunch of errors and then skips the scene and goes to the next day. I tried it with both the .exe and .jar, and I tried it with several combinations of friends.

  4. The party scene doesnt work :( I get to the part where it says the real party can begin and it breaks. The three choices are still there. Have a drink and serve drinks dont do anything. If I try to chat with someone, it spits out a bunch of errors and then skips the scene and goes to the next day. I tried it with both the .exe and .jar, and I tried it with several combinations of friends.

  5. Got an error message during the house party.

    You decide to hang out with one of your guests.

    ERROR in scene A.a when using action "Bobby".
    Please report this to the developer as a bug including the text of the message below. The scene will now finish.
    Exception was: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown reason to be choosing an NPC.
    javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.AbstractButton$Handler.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.setPressed(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.AbstractButton.doClick(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.AbstractButton.doClick(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.SwingUtilities.notifyAction(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.JComponent.processKeyBinding(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.KeyboardManager.fireBinding(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.KeyboardManager.fireKeyboardAction(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.JComponent.processKeyBindingsForAllComponents(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.JComponent.processKeyBindings(Unknown Source)
    javax.swing.JComponent.processKeyEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Component.processEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Container.processEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager.redispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.dispatchKeyEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.preDispatchKeyEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.typeAheadAssertions(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue.access$500(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue$ Source) Method)$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue$ Source) Method)$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source) Source)

  6. Anyway you could add a "cum inside me" to all positions. I love it when shes on top and you can tell him to cum inside you

    1. I've been asking for this for like half a year :|

  7. Yup, the party scene seems broken. Can get through about three different actions (serve drinks, get drink, socialize with someone) before it gives an error and skips the scene.

  8. Thanks to those of you who reported the bug with the new scene. It's turned out to be an issue with a 3rd party tool I use during the build process, which is why it wasn't picked up in normal testing. I think I have a fix for it, so I'll put out a patched version soon.

  9. When will the custom npc creator be updated?

    1. when the people who make the custom NPC creators update them. SO does not make one. It is not up to him.

  10. is it possible to befriend the pervy client?

  11. Hello, how regularly does the update usually go out? It seems there has been no update for a while? What's going on?

    1. currently updates are about once every 20-25 days. Sometimes a tad longer.

      Earlier versions it was faster, but as someone who has a partial look into the work on it, what is being added has gotten more complex both in word counts and coding.

      I would guess that once the next major version is reached, updates will become more frequent at the start.

    2. Thanks for your concern. I'm fine and work is still ongoing - there's no ETA at the moment. The time for a release depends on a lot of things - how big it is, whether I get writers block with any of the content, how many problems I run into with testing, whether I'm over-optimistic in planning what to put in the release and so on.

      This next release contains what will be a very large scene, so it'll be near the upper end inb terms of development time. The two following it will probably be smaller, although it's difficult to say that with much certainty until I've started work on them.

      The real line-in-the-sand is that there should be at least one release per calendar month, as other than in exceptional circumstances it wouldn't be right to have Patreon charging people without them getting an update. If a calendar month goes by with no release or post explaining matters then you would have cause to worry.

  12. I have just played your game (non stop 5 hours) and I first want to tell you it is awesome. Thank you very much for making this.
    I have a couple of questions and notes :
    - Are there plans for more variety regarding sex : handcuffs, leash, usage of sextoys (outside the sexshop, such as having a sextoy inserted in one of your holes and still using the others to please your partner), anilingus, anal, ass to mouth, threesome, sex with another girl, etc...
    - More variety regarding NPC's fantasies? You're leading too much, no matter how you've asked them to treat you. If you don't, it's always standard stimulations, undressing, vanilla sex, cumming inside your pussy.
    - A broader range of how dominant they tend to be, especially regarding how you ask them to treat you? If I want them to be mean, I'd like them to put me on my knees and make me suck their dick, by their own intent, and if I explicitly ask them to treat me as their personal bitch, some (at least) should make me lick their ass, assfuck me, emptying their condom in my mouth or make me lick their cum on whatever it has landed etc... or even inviting one of their friends...
    - Despite always selecting 4 activities per week, the game skeeps some randomly (except the week end evening activities). It feels a bit strange. I guess it's probably because the game could still use more events for each activity, and so you don't want it to feel too repetitive, but even just a small sentence like "you spent a normal week at work" or "you have improved your dancing skills" would help the player feel that his selection of activities has not been completely skipped.
    - The way the game handle clothes is awesome. Because of this, I really wish you will add more (I'm pretty sure it's planned, since for instance, I've seen there is a legwear category with nothing in it). Just two comments : You can't choose what sexy nightwear you put on. And there's nothing overly sexy : sexy bras that just lifts the breast at the bottom and don't cover the nipples (I don't know how you call it in English but in France it's a popular underwear called demi-seins), suspenders belt (I guess it's coming with legwear), opened panties (not covering the genital parts), tied white shirt with blue mini skirt (the classic schoolgirl outfit) etc...
    - the total naughtiness of your outfit should really trigger events or change how the person you're flirting with acts toward you.
    That's my two cents. In any case, very well done game. Even in this current state, it's very rich and entertaining. Can't stop playing it.

  13. I just have a simple question. I don't know if you can answer it, because I'm not one of the supporters on Patreon, but I would like to know if squirting could be a future trait?

    The reason I ask is because I noticed the text for one of the enthusiastic orgasms says: "The orgasm drives a series of impassioned moans out of you, and you come so strongly that you lose track of everything for a moment. Did you cry out? Have a squirting orgasm? Beg him to fuck you?
    You don't know. All that you know is that it leaves you flushed and gasping for breath."

    Again, I know your not obligated to respond. My question was just out of curiosity, as I'm a huge fan of squirting.

    Anyway, thank you for this game. I absolutely love it!

    1. Hi there, squirting is one of those things that I've no objection to but no concrete plans to include either.

      It's possible that at some point I might get inspired by an idea for a scene or action with squirting content and add it - that's how the BDSM club scene got added. Inspiration isn't really something that I can predict though, so certainly no guarantees.
      Otherwise, it could get added as a result of a PMW vote, although actually winning such a vote would be a fairly big ask - it'd have to come ahead of perennial favourites like anal sex.

    2. I completely understand. I will still hold onto a small bit of hope that it gets added; however, I will still enjoy the game, whether there is squirting on not.

      Thanks for your reply!

  14. Could someone help with lowlife and party girl events? I tried almost anything I could and couldn't trigger them, also tried whats said in the wiki, which isn't much. My build is the lastest for patrons, I was a patron for the last month.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. 1. make a character who is clear-headed.
      2. hope the game generates both a shy and party-girl friend.
      3. go clubbing and talk to a girl. REPEAT until you have the option to "befriend someone".
      4. the moment you can befriend someone, do it. do not wait. And try to avoid talking to party girl/shy girl before you do so.
      5. enjoy.

    3. Pretty much what NoOneButMyself says, but one other tip: avoid using the "hug box" cheat.

      How the female befriend scene works is that when you ask someone to be your friend the game checks how much she likes you. If it's very high then the request is accepted automatically and you make a new friend. Otherwise you have to pass a challenge. Male befriending is similar but has more possible outcomes and is a bit more complicated as a result.

      Assuming the scenes you're trying to get are the challenge ones(lowlives for innocent, and the drinking contest which can lead to the taxi scene for party-girls) then this means your relationship can't be so high she automatically agrees to be your friend. The hug-box cheat starts you at this sort of high level, so it's to be avoided.

      Alternatively, befriend, unfriend, and repeat. Unfriending someone reduces their liking for you so it can drop you into "challenge" territory.

    4. Is there a reason the challenge scenes need to have a specific score requirement? It seems strange that getting too close with an NPC is purely reductive when it comes to content in the befriending scene. It's weird narratively too; the party girl is an actual challenge from the NPC, but in the innocent event agreeing to be your friend apparently renders the two of you invisible to any low lifes that may be hanging around the canal.

      And until there are more ways to meet female NPCs, having to go the the club over and over just to enable the friendship events is no fun. What about having trips to the gym include one random female NPC that the player can work out with?

    5. Agree with Cubano here. Should be able to meet women in other places than the club. Maybe while shopping, in dance classes, or at work too.

  15. I know I'm not a Patron, or whatever its called. However I would like to see some lesbian scenes in the future. If at all possible. Thank you.

    1. Lesbian content will be a major update as it'd require alternative versions of a lot of the game's largest scenes.

      Major updates are the second number (i.e. the current one is friendship which is 0.3). Once that's complete in around three more releases I'll update the version number to 0.4.0 and run a vote on the next one.

      How these votes work is that I put forward a list of options which represent themed chunks of the core development plan and voter-tier patrons choose between then.

      As such, I have very little influence on whether lesbian content will be chosen not. It'll be a candidate for the next vote, but whether it wins is entirely down to how people cast their votes. I won't make any predictions as to how the vote will go, because I'm really bad at guessing what'll win.

  16. Would be nice if you could break up with your boyfirend, or if he dumped you. Nothing I do will make a boyfriend end it, not even having a child with another person.

    1. Actually having a child with another person can, having a child with him if he doesn't want kids, getting into a relationship with another guy and dumping him too is there. Or breaking up because he forgot the anniversary if you're romantic and have enough self-esteem.

    2. Playing a low self esteem character and having a child with another fella has not changed anything. Can't find anyway to even tell your boyfriend or for him to find out, except inviting him to the birth.

      While I understand it is possible, it seems so very impossible... that it might as well not exist.

      Be nice if a character could be dumped for cheating too much at well.

    3. did you check if it was his before? might help/work?

    4. Totally breaking up is more or less impossible, getting a child with another man while your boyfriend doesn't like and the chances increases if he have the "dosen't want children" trait, is one way. Treating him like crap, while impossible for non bitchy, low self esteem characters is another. Getting another BF is a third way, but then you're stuck with that guy instead.

      So yeah, the game is lacking a proper break up funktion. No idea why SO haven't implemented this yet and people have been asking for it for quite some time now. Lets hope it comes in the (not so distant) future.

  17. Updates really slowing down, Splendid.

    1. the coming update is a huge chunk of content. Once the game moves to .4.xx versions I expect updates would speed up.

    2. While I agree than the releases have indeed slowed down, quite a lot actually and this time it's already been over a month since the last release. Which is the longest time for a new release since I started backing the game more than a year and a half ago.

      Although SO mentioned something about a new release next week in the comments here, so lets wait until then before you bring out the torches and pitchforks. ;)

    3. I understand. It's just i loved this being such a fast developing game. Even smaller but quicker updates would be cool, you know, as a Patreon maybe. And she shouldn't focus on such big scenes too, even little options like the one to be fucked in public in the adult shop was pretty cool.

    4. The next update contains the result of the last vote, which means that at least some of it involves watching a female NPC have sex (with a bloke). I'm hoping that its scope will be more like some of the game's main sex scenes rather than some of the one offs.

  18. While I understand that the updates take awhile (especially right now) but what bothers me is that there are no updates on progress. Even if they were to post something like "hey guys, still here. not dead." that would be real nice

    1. There are updates, they are on Patreon. I do think he should make them all in "all-visible" mode for general "how much longer". Around 5 days ago S.O. estimated in a 9-10 days everything should be done for the big update. So 3-5 days. =]