Thursday, 10 August 2017

Public release of 0.4.10

Hi all,

Normally the public version of Newlife is always a release behind the Patreon version. However, after consulting with my patrons we've decided to make an exception this time. As such, 0.4.10 is now public – you can download it from the links to the right as usual. The changelog is here.

The main change for 0.4.10 was support for user submissions. Making this public now means any non-patrons who are interested in writing for the game can start their scenes earlier, and that'll benefit everyone – patron or otherwise.
If you're a public-version player and you submit a scene that I add to the game then make sure to let me know that you aren't on the patreon version – it wouldn't be fair for you to have to wait to see your own scene in the game, so I'll PM you the early-access version.

To see the user submissions documentation go to the additional_scenes/documentation folder in the Newlife release.

If you have questions about Newlife submissions or want to get feedback on an idea for a scene then a good starting point is the Newlife Discord, kindly set up by the awesome FutureSight.


  1. I've noticed this the last couple of releases, but when I get the farm scene and I'm pregnant, he says something like he's seen my stomach swell with other men's children and it makes him sick. Even if he's the father. Is this intentional?

    1. The priority list of his responses for that section is:

      1) They at have a baby together (the baby's father must be known)
      2) The PC is pregnant with his child (he must have been informed that it's his, via the "tell him the baby's his" action on a date.
      3) The PC has children: this is this one you're getting. It won't fire if any child's known father is him as you'd get 1 instead.
      4) Default section (he wants to get you pregnant in the future)

      The most likely situation is that you have kids with someone else (or with an unknown father) so 3 is available, but the "pregnant with his child" section is blocked because you haven't told him he's the father yet.

    2. How do you get that farm scene? Its for this build or patron only?

    3. The farm scene is the Impregnator-specific marriage proposal.

    4. Is there anything after the marriage proposal? I'm guessing it currently ends with just ends with buying the dress.

    5. at the moment Saito, there is wedding vows implimented, which can be turned on in the options menu. That is all that proposal allows "extra" I believe at this time.

  2. I can't get the CUSTOM scene transition to work. Can you give an example of it?

    The documentation needs a table of contents so that it's easier to find things. Please make an HTML version.

    I want to be able to pass parameters to a different scene on a scene transition

    I would like to be able to save state beyond just flags. Being able to save strings or even arrays would be good.

    I want a way to get the elegance and casual level of a player's clothing so that I can customize a scene if the player goes hiking in an elegant dress or goes to an opera in clubwear.

    The errors messages for Velocity code are good, but the ones for errors in YML are non-existent. If you misspell a field or leave something out in the YML, the error messages are not helpful.

    I understand that everyone is limited by their own background/experiences, but needing two files for each scene is annoying. Having more advanced ways to structure code such as being able to insert text from elsewhere in the program or subroutines would be nice but probably too hard to implement. I would also like to be able to put comments between tags in the .vm file.

    It's unclear how the programmer should handle orgasm. Should the arousal level be decreased afterwards?

    For structuring and sharing code, it's useful if one action could "fall through" to another action without presenting the player with choices to make.

    1. Hi Lost trout, I would advise jumping into the discord channel... SO has been pretty active there, AND that way the chat can be more active with fixing any problems

  3. Amazing work, that's exactly what the game needed. That's also a little risky because I don't know how many will be capable of adding good/complete content, but if it kicks in than the game is going to have a huge push forward.

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