Monday, 23 February 2015

Next release coming tomorrow

Hello everyone. I've nearly finished the dance competition scene, which is the last big piece of work before the next release will be ready.
It's 3am over here though, and I'm not really focused enough to do the final testing & build without making any big mistakes. I think it's best if I put off the release for tonight and wait until my head's a bit clearer. Unless I get hit by a bus or my computer explodes the next version of Newlife will definitely be out tomorrow though - that's Monday 23rd.


  1. I hope you weren't up that late because of the game. Please take care of yourself!

  2. I may not speak for all of your fans (but I'm pretty sure I do) when I say that we all appreciate your quality releases rather than something that's half finished. Those of us supporting through paetron, I'm sure, appreciate the QUALITY of work that you do, rather than you releasing something that's half-assed.

    1. Thanks :) Actually my decision was very much justified when the first thing that happened on Monday morning was that I found a whole bunch of really stupid bugs that I'd put in the night before.
      Things like telling the player they'd been awarded prize money, but then not actually giving them any - and there was even a bug where if you gave oral sex to the judge in order to win his favour the entire tournament scene would restart itself from the beginning once you finished!
      It's always a little embarrassing when a new release has a particularly blatant text problem, but I'm glad you guys never see the the state the game's in before I do my testing!