Sunday, 8 February 2015

Version 0.2.7 changelog

Hello everyone.
This is the changelog for version 0.2.7. This isn't publicly available yet, but an initial version has been made available to early-access patrons. I'll be doing a bit more testing on this before moving onto the next version, so there may be a few more bugfixes when this goes out onto the blog.
  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to deathevn, middling emu, souldead341, josey14, cubano & mke for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't ask a man to stay the night if you finished having sex exactly at the end of your date. Thanks to middling emu for reporting this.
  • Fixed a bug where men sometimes weren't sobering up properly after sleeping.
  • Updated the description for averagely-built men as suggested by middling emu.
  • Fixed a bug where the descriptions for getting drunk weren't being shown. Thanks to grommile, neomagick & hi34E8fd for reporting this one.
  • The stats page now tracks how many times you've rewarded someone for coming to your aid, as suggested by Cubano.
  • Fixed a bug where the chance of the client asking you to get him off wasn't based on his arousal level. It's now less likely than before at low values, and more likely at high ones.
  • Added a new action while you're making out – you can now take off your partner's shirt completely. This was suggested by Rfpnj.
  • New clothing - jeans, yoga pants, pajamas, babydolls and more. This includes a few things that need high fashion skill before you'll be able to find them in the shops.
  • Some new content for trousers. Also, having your trousers pulled around your thighs restricts you from taking some actions.
  • You now go clothes shopping immediately at the end of the intro, although money will be very tight that early in the game.
  • Renamed camis to camisoles in the shop window, to make them more obviously different from the cami-top.
  • Increased the number of “ordinary” men from 10 to 15. This means you'll see more variety in each game; but also that you're less likely to meet any particular man on a visit to a nightclub.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Stop having sex” command wasn't blocking some sexual content the same turn, notably men having an orgasm. Thanks to cubano for reporting this one.
  • Added some text for pregnant virgins in the character screen.
  • There was some blank space in the shop/wardrobe tab of the clothing screen, so I added a simple text area with some help for new players. I guess eventually I should have a proper help system, but this will hopefully make it a bit easier to get started for now.
  • The text in the main menu is now a bit different for Patrons. Separating patron vs public versions will also be useful in the future when/if I hit patron-only milestones like adding cheat codes & customisation options.
  • Clothes will no longer appear in the shop if they're duplicates of ones you already own, and you also shouldn't see duplicates of other clothes for sale appearing either.
  • Added a small panel to the outfit screen that shows the stats for created outfits.
  • Added high-low skirts, as suggested back in December by tffan123.
  • Increased the stress reduction ambitious girls get from being promoted.
  • Fixed a bug with the “suggestively butter him up” action not encouraging the pervy client to start stripping you.
  • Fixed a bug where the Thick Cock trait wasn't being adding in character creation for men. Must have been one introduced in a recent update, because it definitely used to be. Anyway, it's back in now. Thanks to Solforward for reporting this problem.
  • Fixed another bug with checkboxes not being enabled during character creation. Thanks to Cubano for reporting this one.
Edit: I've put an improved version on patreon with some further bugfixes and additions. As well as some fixes that don't deserve their own line in the changelog, I've made the following additions:
  • Added a few new stats, as suggested by Cubano
  • Made girls with low self esteem get a bit more turned on at the start of the dirty client scenes, and added a small amount of arousal to the two suggestive actions you can take to persuade him. Hopefully this will make it a little more realistic to have an orgasm there, although the changes might not be quite enough.
  • Updated some post-sex text to consider different clothing possibilities based on a suggestion from indusfre.
  • Added a new random event. This one happens on weekends.


  1. "Fixed a bug where the Thick Cock trait wasn't being adding in character creation for men. Must have been one introduced in a recent update, because it definitely used to be."

    Actually, I've been hacking* my way through the game since 0.14 and I've had to add it myself every time. The trait was there, but as far as I could see it wasn't getting added along with the rest.

    *That is, I edited the bytecode for character creation and pregnancy

  2. Oh you tease! Sounds like a great update... now I have to check your blog every hour until the public release... :p

    1. Haha, something to look forward to then!
      The 0.2.8 release is going to be quite big - it's the new skill one, which means 3 full new scenes. So, that might take a bit of time.
      I'll try to get it done asap though - really the ideal would have been to start early access when I had two small releases in a row. Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity for that soon enough. Still, I'll be putting in more programming time than usual over the next few weeks... unless I meet someone over Valentine's day and vanish off for a series of romantic weekends.

  3. After sex if your partner has came inside you you will get the text "You can feel his semen warm between your legs, and a trickle is slowly running down your thigh. "

    But you also put your clothes back on and I have the text saying "The tight hotpants cling to your bottom, showcasing it for any onlookers."

    I'd say it would be possible that the pants can hold the cum back. Might want to change the text depending if you are wearing pants or not.

    1. Cheers. I've updated that bit of code. I'll be putting a newer version of 0.2.7 up on Patreon this evening with some bugfixes and small changes, so it'll be in that.

  4. So i noticed you're doing something really odd in your older version with the GUI where you'd create several windows. This works but seems like it would be clunky and there are easier ways assuming you're using swing.

    Since it only seems like you're using 1 window at a time i think you could use CardLayout manger and it should simplify your code dealing with windows.

    Basically what it does is displays only 1 container/pane/panel per parent container but allows you to easily switch to other stored containers.

    1. Cheers. That basic framework is there for the character screen, but I haven't found time yet to convert the other JFrames into JPanels yet. That'll probably be done in 0.3.1 which will be the next update to focus on the UI.

  5. So i noticed you're doing something really odd in your older version with the GUI where you'd create several windows. This works but seems like it would be clunky and there are easier ways assuming you're using swing.

    Since it only seems like you're using 1 window at a time i think you could use CardLayout manger and it should simplify your code dealing with windows.

    Basically what it does is displays only 1 container/pane/panel per parent container but allows you to easily switch to other stored containers.

    Sorry if i've posted this 3 times but blogger isn't showing that i've posted.
    Seems going anonymous and not under my google account fixed this.

  6. Will there be a lesbian relationship?

    1. He said yeah but it could be a few months before that gets added.

    2. Just so. Lesbian content will take a major update, and it's also dependent on the Friendship update too, so that one needs to be done first.
      The order in which these big updates get done is based on what voter-tier patrons choose. They'll be choosing what I'll be working on for 0.4 this month, and I'll run the vote for 0.5 when that's nearly complete.
      If those votes go to Friendship & Lesbians then they could be in before too long. Alternatively, if the voters prefer other changes then lesbians might end up having to wait until late in development. It's up to them really.

  7. What's the new weekend event? also what about these 3 new skills? you mean perks, or right away skills like charm, femininity and fashion?
    Also could you clarify better how fashion works and what it really affects?

    1. The new event is a random one that can shop up when you're stressed out, though at a low probability. It could have worked for a weekday event too, but I didn't have any random events for weekends so I decided to put it in that timeslot.
      There's just one new skill that'll be added this month, in release 0.2.8. That'll be Dance which was chosen in last month's vote. Did you mean the new stats? Those are just entries in the stats part of the character sheet.

      Fashion acts as a multiplier on the stat effects of clothing, it reduces their price because you know more about where to go to ship, it increases the amount available in shops, and with 0.2.7 there are a few clothes that are only available with high skill.
      There's a few minor effects here and there as well, but those are the main ones.
      One day I'll add some special events linked to the fashion skill, but it only came 4th in the recent vote on free-time skills; so there's plenty of other changes to be made first.

  8. could i suggest , for the future, an house cleaner career?

    1. House cleaner? Did you mean French maid? :D

      I might put new careers up for some sort of vote when it comes to deciding which ones get added. If I don't, the next two will be office work & waitressing.
      I'll have a think about cleaning as a possibility once those are in. The finished game will probably end up with 3-5 careers though, and it faces stiff competition from jobs like fitness trainer!

    2. french maid would be fun, but restricted to a single house, with events related maybe to submission.
      House cleaning service could make you meet a lot of strangers (everyday a different house, or something like that) going for a different flavour.

  9. I finally couldn't not justify supporting this game, first time I have done so. Looking forward to participating in Patron stuff! Also enjoying the current version, I keep getting surprised by the amount of new content, descriptions, etc.

    A few questions:

    1) Do you have an overall design document posted? Might be helpful. The Event Lottery update includes a list of no-go features, for example, but it would be nice to have an overall FAQ / design document so we can easily know what you are currently planning to include. Trying to pierce together the current list of planned skills, jobs, etc.

    2) Will hair styles ever be implemented? I think I caught one description that referee to my character having long hair. Would be nice to be able to go to a stylist, model hair growth, etc. Related to this, I hope that the hair style will be reflected in descriptions, and that NPCs will comment on it and express preferences for different styles and colors.

    3) Does the game model / plan to model the player's preferences more, for example submissive / dominant / switch? So deferring to an NPC or taking a submissive action would increase the PC's arousal or mood, for example. Some of the actions speak to this sort of thing, but not sure how it is modeled. Would be nice to be able to have a PC that is dominant at work and submissive in the bedroom, for example.

    4) I noted in the Patron Lottery post that more extreme topics like rape are off the table, a choice I can respect even if I would enjoy topics like that if they were included. However, I wonder if the current aggressive / rough content could be safely expanded. I really like what is there so far, and it plays to my third question / request. Maybe characters could engage in roleplay scenarios that would allow players to enjoy some of the more extreme content in a 'safer' context?


    1. Thanks for your support :)

      1) There's no overall design document - the long-term plans are mostly just in my head, and my todo list is a largely unordered mess of everything from small tweaks and "nice ideas" through to major rework. The most structured written documentation is probably when I write things up for the blog!
      Part of the reason is that a lot of specifics are either undecided or subject to change. Skills and jobs are part of that - I know that I want more, but until I find out how long they take to add I won't know exactly how many more.
      For jobs, I definitely want at least 3, but making them unique will mean a lot of special events so I doubt I'll get more than 5. For skills I could see most of the hobby skills from last month's vote going in eventually, along with a few work skills.

      2) Probably yes. I'm not sure if I'll add dye, but different styles are very likely.

      3) Undecided. That sort of thing can easily get very complex because it'd need handling in a lot of scenes & maybe need a new npc personality. Some simple additions such as a trait that makes the PC get more aroused when guys are rough with her might be feasible earlier, but serious changes would need to be looked at late in development so I can be certain that it wouldn't delay the full release by an unreasonable amount.

      4) Yeah, rape in particular is legally risky because my government's pushing through a law against rape pornography. Until it actually gets finalised I won't know for sure whether text content is covered. In any case, I don't trust them not to strengthen these laws - some of our politicians have positioned themselves quite strongly against online adult material.
      Broadly speaking, aggressive/rough stuff is fine as long as it doesn't involve rape or topics I'm uncomfortable with such as blood or injury, It's a popular subject, and there might well be scope at some point to have a proper look over the various rough sex/makeout possibilities. Perhaps more separation of the cold ("using you for sex") and mean ("gets off on being a dick") behaviours would improve the game.

      As for in-game roleplay, I don't see why not, although I don't think I'll add them to the core planned set of sex scenes.
      It's a reasonable candidate for when there's a vote that allows non-core scenes though. Next month's vote will probably be for the first Patreon milestone, so that'd count - I'll try to remember to add it there. Post a comment reminding me if you don't see it in the list of voting options.
      I probably would need to add an in-game safeword to any consensual-rape-roleplay scene though. Not ideal for the rape-fantasy I know, but I'm sure you can see why it'd have to be in there.

    2. 4. But it's already in there? The character can get drunk enough that no amount of pushing away the person or their cock can stop penetration with anything but the iron will perk (which may have a limit), that can certainly be construed as rape.

    3. It's not supposed to be. The effect of alcohol on willpower is intentionally set to be quite low, so anytime will tests start failing the primary reason is that your character is enjoying herself too much to want to stop.

      I've had a change request for some sort of information on disabled actions to be shown to the player so you'd have an idea of why they're switched off. That's a bit complicated in terms of getting it working in the interface without being annoying, but if it goes in then it'll let me make that clearer to players.

      Incidentally, do you find high willpower to be strong enough? Low will is probably already bad enough, and iron will is quite cut-and-dried, but I'm thinking of increasing the effect of high will.

    4. My experience has been that low will is about what I'd expect, but normal and high both pretty low. I'd say both of them could use a bump.

    5. Haha, normal will is the one I balanced though! It's supposed to be finely tuned to start disabling actions at the important arousal thresholds. Well, I'll push up High Will for now, and make a note to have a look over normal. Perhaps some of the usual set of modifiers are too powerful. Or maybe you're just drinking too much - shame on you :P

    6. But my shy nice cute girl and shy reluctant tomboy need to down several tequila shots before they're even willing to try dancing! Would you deny them the pleasure of getting drunk enough to let themselves be groped by strangers in a club?

      Actually that probably is my problem-I almost always have the shy trait on, so my chars are usually totally drunk by the time I get to an actual sex scene. Any chance you could separate the 'drunk enough to try dancing in public' and 'drunk/horny enough to let a guy have sex without a condom and cum inside me even though we just met' willpower thresholds? I really do enjoy having the options narrow as my character gets more aroused, but I think maybe there should be more of a distance between those two levels. Your call-I'm enjoying it regardless. You do great work!

    7. Thanks :)
      Shy gets additional penalties for some checks because a shy girl might be more reluctant to speak up. I've made a note to look over it.

      Once the dance skill is integrated with the nightclub scene that action will be much more linked to skill, so learning to dance well will let you go out dancing even if you're normally shy.

  10. This does bring up a good point. A couple times I have tried to push away an NPC, and then they end up penetrating anyways. Would be very useful if the next indicated that the PC is willingly succumbing, due to alcohol or arousal or whatever, rather than being forced. Would also be nice to see more mental repercussions from things like this...the drunken hook up with an unattractive NPC might cause a picky PC some mental angst the next day, while a low self esteem PC might shrug it off. Overall, more feedback would be great (stress, clothing effects, etc.).

    Thanks for the continued efforts!

    1. Thanks! I've made a note to look into this - probably not in the next version, but now that it's on the list I will get round to it eventually!

  11. Oh, cool - I forget to check the blog for a week or so, and come back to a nice long changelog - always a good feeling :)

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you! Next version should be out next weekend :)