Sunday, 15 January 2017

An apology for non-patrons

Hi all,

When I uploaded the public version of 0.4.2 earlier today I mistakenly used a buggy version that has a number of issues, in particular most of the actions to initiate anal not working.

I've now replaced the zips on Mega and Mediafire with the correct one. If you downloaded 0.4.2 before this post was made then you probably have the buggy version: I recommend downloading the proper version.
As usual, you can update Newlife by just unzipping the file in your newlife folder and choosing to replace all files. This will swap out the jar and exe with the new ones while keeping your newlife_gamedata folder with options and custom NPCs intact.

Sorry about this. I hope it didn't cause too much annoyance.


  1. Ever since the 4.2 public build was released ive been getting a virus warning when trying to download from either link, the new version that was release as well. Trojan:Win32/Sprisky.C!cl Is this a false positive or what?

    1. Looks like a false-positive to me: I downloaded the file & ran it through my antivirus on my PC: clean.

      I also uploaded it to where it had a detection rate of 1/51. The one that reported an issue was Jiangmin which said "" - I'd speculate that it's flagged this because Newlife has jars that create files on the disk (such as the automatic creation of the Newlife_Gamedata folder). The other 50 antivirus programs flagged it as clean, including various high-profile ones like AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Symantec and so on.
      I'll contact Jiangmin about it - thanks for letting me know.

      As for the links themselves, virustotal reports them both as being clean sites.

  2. When you eventually finish the game are you going to sell it? I'm not to keen on continually supporting creators on patreon but i would definitely buy it.

    1. I don't really know what I'll do when the game's finished - it isn't something I've really planned for.
      However, my thoughts at the moment are that once the game is complete then I'll most likely release a final version for free.
      Thanks for your comment though. That's a really positive thing to say and it's very morale-boosting to read comments like that. It's fine if you prefer not to support on Patreon. I don't expect most players to put money into the game.
      There's also plenty of other ways you can support the game - in particular, if you see a typo in one of the scenes or some text where the paragraph spacing isn't very readable then pasting the offending text into a blog comment helps a lot. I'll probably never manage to get the text perfect but I do want to improve it and I'm sure there are a fair few typos, spacing problems and grammatical issues left in there.

      I wouldn't rule out having a fully-commercial game at some point, but that would probably be a different game to Newlife.
      In particular, I have a bunch of game ideas and many of them would involve images. A new UK law coming in this year will prevent distribution of adult content to anyone whose age hasn't been verified. I believe that Newlife will probably be ok as it's text-only. Any future games with graphics would be affected though and that would prevent free public versions unless they had all the adult artwork stripped out of them - in that case a commercial release might make more sense than using Patreon the way I do for Newlife.

    2. That's easy! Move!
      Said a certain Latin Nobody sarcastically.

  3. I've been playing the free version 0.4.2. Here is some information and suggestions for Splendid Ostrich.

    There are a lot of adult text games available Their yahoo group is aifarchive. There are well developed engines for creating these games. The main ones are inform and TADS. You can set up the kind of user interface you have now with these or other engines.

    My favorite text game (with some illustrations) is The Tesliss Equation by Goblinboy. You might want to have a look at it. It will probably take you a lot of time to play through. There is a walk through available and it won't be hard to find.

    You might want to enter some text in actions that are currently text free, for example, the Fashion Shows. Something like this: "You get some useful information at the fashion show." In later versions, you can elaborate.

    It would make more sense for the man to be running from gangsters and thus be forced to change genders so he can't be identified.

    Shoes are important to women. I assume they will appear in future versions.

    You could have players who prefer nude sex immediately undress as a sex scene begins. Those who want to keep some clothes on you could have them remove all but the minimum. TADS inform and other interactive fiction engines have mods that allow removal of clothing in stages, characters remaining partially dressed, etc.

    1. I think that SO knows about the different game engines, but does not want to use them. As a Java developer myself, I totally understand why - having a fully object-oriented language backing you plus all the other potential features of Java at your disposal is worth a little bit of extra work on the code, as opposed to learning how to use a fairly limited engine. Plus, at this point, porting all the progress would be a pain in the ass, because most of the logic would have to be rewritten.

    2. Nah she's just comfortable in java lol also shy to share the code because probably not professionally trained like me to write code neatly.
      It's too late to ask for a change in engine tho.