Monday, 6 February 2017

Changes to cheats in 0.4.4

Hello everyone!

Following some discussion with the Inner Circle followed by a vote with all the Voter Patrons, I've decided to change how cheats work in Newlife. From the next version (0.4.4), the customisation half of the cheats menu will be available in the public version. The cheats half will still be disabled.

Here's a screenshot of how this will look, taken from the development version:

To encourage new players to get their first experience with the game using the default (and, in my opinion, best) settings this will only be available once a player has completed the game at least once. I'll put up instructions once 0.4.4 on how to circumvent this restriction for players who've completed the game in older versions before this was tracked. The patreon version also won't have the restriction - I assume that most patrons are not playing the game for the first time.

This will be run for a trial period of a month or two, at the end of which I'll have a look at the numbers and decide whether to keep it as an ongoing thing or not.


  1. That sounds like a well-thought-out compromise. The "free" players bet both the most common complaint (lack of time to finish the game) and you get to advertise the benefits of paetron membership.

    It sounds like everyone wins with this setup. I just hope that the bypass works cleanly.

    1. Well, the way to bypass the "finish the game first" restriction will be to edit the options file in a text editor, so I don't know if 'cleanly' is the word! It should hopefully be quick and simple though - whether the player has completed the game is just going to be stored in the file along with the things you can set in the options screen.

  2. Will this be added to the public version of 0.4.3 when 0.4.4 is released to patrons, or is it only for the public release of 0.4.4?

    1. 0.4.4. The public version of 0.4.3 has already been built without the change.

  3. Hey SO, I've been getting back into this game a lot and I spend all my playthroughs doing a charmless and shy character, intentionally getting in bad relationships with rough guys. I can pretend to put up a fight by constantly pushing him away or doing nothing but when he ejaculates inside me and the game saying that it's probably my fault for letting it happen kind of sucks.

    Any way to make it sound like I tried my best to stop it? I know "rapey" vibes isn't your thing and that's totally understandable but for those of us that want to play a certain way don't have much in terms of immersion.

    Keep up the good work, really great game!

    Oh, and maybe shittier clothing? Sports Bra always gives -2 for attractiveness/charm, any way to have clothing that doesn't look too good? I hate to be charmless bitchy character but still attract guys despite having like 10 charm...

    1. Update:

      I've figured out why it says it's my fault when guys ejaculate inside me...euh, my character. It's cause I had "low self-esteem" which changes my shy-quiet/no confidence gameplay a lot...which sucks. I've decided to be a strong woman by being outgoing and friendly (but still able to be rude/a bitch when guys are jerks). I found using traits limits the game rather than taking little to no traits to play as you want.

      With my new character set out, I actually started doing this thing where I make character builds (shy/slutty/outgoing) and I set up their whole wardrobe to their personalities. Any way to add a wardrobe import? I'm thinking it becomes its own save file and can be imported when you make new releases rather than doing the wardrobe all over again for that character. The issue, apart from coding it, would probably be figuring a way out to make us buy all that new clothes in one batch.

      Lastly, and I need this answered by you, SO (I know you read these!), do NPC traits/personalities become generated the second you start the first week or are they created when you first meet them? Say I meet a guy named Bob and he's a jerk, will he be a jerk if I load a game save that's a few weeks before meeting him or will he always be a jerk for that whole game? With my new idea of character saves with wardrobes already done I can just load up a character with a wardrobe done up and I can just play that build for as long as I want. I just don't want to get to know the characters if I run into them each run I play.

      I know I'm nagging and it's all tedious issues but I've been playing this game hardcore for like the past week. Like I skipped supper just to bang a black guy.

      Thanks again! Also custom NPC's are Heaven.

    2. NPCs, except perhaps the ones at the dance, are created after your character (or at the same time, whatever).

      If one has the patreon version, or the 2 public versions with cheats enabled, when you are "Physic" you can see all the NPCs (sans the dance class ones) and their traits from the moment you leave clothing shopping pre-week 1.

    3. Hi there, good to hear you're enjoying the game!

      Being unattractive isn't all that well handled in the game at the moment - mostly it just makes things boring as no-one will talk to you in the club. It probably needs an overhaul at some point - perhaps with men needing more convincing to hook up with a low-attractiveness pc.

      NPCs are almost all generated at the start of the game. There are a few exceptions, most notably the ones in the dance class.

      From version 0.4.4 the public version will have access to the customisation half of the cheats menu. That includes the option to start with an automatically-generated wardrobe. Basic options have a few options for each outfit type, Full ones a much larger selection.

  4. Hello Splendid! I wanted to leave this comment here to let you know that I greatly enjoy your game. I really like the way the scenes are written. I was a patron somewhere around v0.3.4, and since then I've missed the option to lengthen the game time - and now you're planning to add it to public version :) and I thought you cannot surprise me greater than when the leg-wear was added!

    Anyway, keep up the good work, your game is exceptional and I hope you will manage to eventually finish it!

    Good luck!