Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Progress update

Hi all,

The main changes for the next release are all done, but I want to take an extra day to do a bit more testing. I'll put it out tomorrow: Wednesday the 8th.

I also have a lot of suggestions from players to look into and replies to posts, comments and PMs to write. Those have been building up for far too long -  I have 214 things flagged to follow-up in my inbox which is a lot more than I'm comfortable with.

I'm going to put catching up on that sort of thing as one of the main things for the 0.4.6. As such, it'll probably have lots of smaller changes without a particular theme to them. Aside from that, the central change for 0.4.6 will be some changes to game mechanics that I want to try out and I think will improve gameplay quite a lot.


  1. This seems like a pretty cool project. Do you need any help developing it?

    1. Thanks! I'm not looking for any more developers. It's really the writing that tends to be an issue for me rather than programming. I do appreciate the offer though.

      Writing help might be useful at some point in the future, but I'd need to finish off a guide for contributions, and that's been in limbo for months now... One day I'll get it sorted and then I'll make a blog post with details.