Thursday, 20 November 2014

Getting started with 0.1.1

Hello everyone, I thought I'd write a short walkthrough for new players on how to get started with their first game in 0.1.1.
I hope the game is quite user-friendly to get started with even without this post though – if you have comments on how it could be made easier to get into, then post them here or on the forum thread.

First of all, download the Newlife exe, put it in a folder somewhere and run it.

You'll get to the main menu. There's no options to set here or anything, so just click New Game.

Go through the Intro, enjoying the spectacular writing and gripping plot. Eventually you'll get to the male character generator.

Here you can hover over anything to get a description of what it does. Most of the things you put in here will affect how you'll be after becoming a woman, but depending on your choices you might be able to change things later anyway. Choose whatever you like – if you're a man you could try to create yourself in the game, or maybe just make a character you think is interesting.

When you're done, go to the last tab, enter a name and click 'Finish'

Now you have some more of the fascinating intro. Savour it, because never again will you read writing of this quality.
This particular bit of the intro has a few choices. It's actually possible to get a game over here, so try not to do that.
This next bit changed in 0.1.2 - in earlier versions there was just one step, but now you'll be offered a shot by Ivy first. Choose "No Thanks". You'll then get some choices that will affect how much randomness there is in the transformation. The action descriptions will tell you what each one does. Choose whichever you find most interesting.

Now you're in the female character generator. The starting values are based on your male persona but there may be some random changes. Because you chose the controlled start, you can change values however you want. Of course, even with an uncontrolled start some things can still be changed – basically anything which is more of a gameplay choice than a character one.

Change whatever you like, but here are some tips:
  • Willpower is an important choice. If you want your character to be in control of the situation all the time then choose Iron Will.
  • If you want to orgasm easily then take “Hair trigger”, “Sensitive Breasts” and/or “Sensitive Vagina”. Taking two or more of these will have a strong effect, and Hair Trigger makes it much easier to have multiple orgasms. Other traits also have an effect – anything that means you get turned on more easily will make it easier for a man to bring you to climax.
  • The only job available at the moment is based on the Charm skill. You can start with a large advantage by taking Sales or Customer Service work experience. The Flirty and Outgoing traits also improve your starting skill, but Shy and Bitchy reduce it.
  • Ambitious girls get stressed out easily. Stress reduction is tricky in 0.1.1 so being ambitious will probably lead to you being on edge all the time. That's not a huge handicap (yet) though, and being stressed out unlocks some events.

When you're done, pick a name and click Finish. There's a final part of the intro and then you'll see the Week Planner screen.

First of all you'll notice you're wearing awful borrowed clothing. Change your weekend activity to “Go Shopping” and click “Start Week”

Now you'll see the shopping screen. Time to buy some pretty clothes to go out partying in!
Change the Outfit Type dropdown to “GOING_OUT” and pick out some clothes. The choice will change each time you look in the shops, but you'll always have better stuff available than Ivy's hand-downs. You'll need either a dress or a skirt and a top. It might also be a good idea to buy some underwear.
If you have spare money, you could think about buying some more casual clothes, or maybe better business-wear to look better at work. In later versions you'll need to save money for rent but right now the only use for your money is buying clothes and going out.

When you're done click “Finished” and you'll be back at the week planner for week 2. Select “Manage Outfits”, make sure the outfit type is Going_Out and make a new outfit with the clothes you just bought. Remember to click “Save Outfit” when you're done. You can give your new outfit a name, but if you leave the field blank then one will be automatically generated for you.

Click Finished to go back to the week chooser. You don't want to go shopping again this weekend so change that to “Relax”. You do want to go partying though – change the weekend evening activity to “Go Clubbing”.

Click start week and unless something special happens at work you'll find yourself in a club. Time to have fun! The options available will depend on your personality – if you're shy then you might need a few drinks to loosen up first. As you party, men might come along to chat you up. Remember, drinks are free if a handsome gentleman buys them for you! Click “Describe People” to get a quick description of everyone in the club and you can decide which ones you're most interested in. Try to find someone nice and have a fun adventure with him!

That's the end of the walkthrough. By now you've played a couple of weeks and you might even have ended up in bed with a man. Play on and have fun!


  1. So I'm interested in rendering images for this game but I have some questions. First, if you were interested in adding images to display the female player and possibly the males, would you be able to implement it?

    Let me give you an example of how it would need to work. Say I have an image for the body of the female, a second image for the shirt and a third image for the skirt. You would take the shirt image and overlay it on top of the body image, then repeat for the skirt.

    If this sounds interesting to you, please email me at
    Also, if you are able to implement this what dimensions would you like the images to be? I can also render images for males as well if you are interested. I can send you some samples of what I can do.


    This link demonstrates how to overlay images.

  3. Here is a preview of what my render's look like: