Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Newlife 0.1.3 now available

Hi all, hope you're enjoying the game so far!

Version 0.1.3 is now available. Changes are:

  • Added another special case for when Ivy responds to hearing your female name for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug where pregnant characters could be concerned about getting knocked up if they invite their bf into their home. Thanks to deathevn from the HF forums for reporting this.
  • Reduced the impact of Relaxed and Ambitious traits on weekly stress
  • Some small balance tweaks.
  • Men will no longer “groan out load” when they're near orgasm : thanks to Cubano from the HF forums for reporting that one. Also fixed the 4 (!) typos I made while typing that sentence into the changelog.
  • The “Drink Beer” choice on dates now has different text and no longer increases the player's alcohol level if they're pregnant. There are probably still other places where you can drink while pregnant in the game though : a full search will probably need to be done when pregnancy is properly implemented.
  • Added more variety of underwear.
  • The Intro has an extra step where the player finds out that their new body is fully biologically female which means they could get pregnant.
  • Some new actions for makeout scenes.
  • Upgraded the player's orgasms. If someone sees you smiling after playing this version and asks you why, just tell them that your orgasms were upgraded.

As usual this won't work with old saved games or characters.

So far I've only uploaded the Jar file. I'll probably put an exe up at some point unless I'm feeling lazy, but anyone able to run the exe should also be able to get the jar working too.
The big difference is that with the exe you get told if you don't have java installed, while with the jar it'll just be an unrecognised file type.
If you find that your OS doesn't know what to do with jars, you can get java at
Of course, if you were able to run Newlife 0.1.2 then the 0.1.3 jar should work fine for you, even if you were using the exe before.

Have fun, and please report any bugs or typos!

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