Saturday, 22 November 2014

Newlife 0.1.2 is now available

Hello everyone

Newlife version 0.1.2 is now available - download link to the right as usual. Like last time (and probably every time for quite a while), saved games & characters won't work with the new version.

  • Slightly increased the font size again in the scene window.
  • Changed age description for old men to fit better into the character description.
  • Various small bugfixes
  • Added a new step in the intro. You now choose controlled/uncontrolled as a separate decision from how much random change you'll be affected by. This means you can enjoy any level of mutation while still being able to modify the resulting character.
  • The character description won't show attractiveness/cuteness/elegance as numbers any more. Attractiveness has been removed because the value used wasn't very useful. Cute/naughty/elegant/casual is now shown as a text description instead. Thanks to Leera from the Hongfire forums for this suggestion.
  • Removed the chance of changing for bed deciding to put you in sexy nightwear, considering there was already an action to change into sexy clothes.
  • Two new random events.

Have fun with the new version!

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