Monday, 17 November 2014

Newlife 0.1.0 released

The first version of Newlife is now available for download. Use the link on your right to get it. That's only if you're old enough to access adult material of course, but you shouldn't be reading this blog at all if you aren't.
Newlife is a text-only erotic gender-bender lifesim game set in an rather loose approximation of the real world. You play as a man who gets their sex changed in an improbable accident, and has to start a new life as a woman. 
The first version is quite limited, but you can still play it fully all the way through to a simple ending. I'll be adding a lot of content and features in later releases.

Highlights of version 0.1.0:
  • Almost complete character creator for both male and female versions of your character
  • Buy and wear different clothes that affect your in-game attractiveness and also may have other effects
  • Go clubbing and have sex with random men.
  • Get asked out on dates and try to build a romance
  • Get a boyfriend (no marriage yet though - sorry!)
  • Suffer through a crappy stressful job, but if you do well you can get promoted to a better paid crappy stressful job.
  • Be taken advantage of by sleazy men, let things go too far, and accidentally become pregnant
  • Lots of bugs!
  • First version lasts just 26 weeks because there isn't enough content for longer and also because the current pregnancy system is just a simple placeholder. 
To get started:

  • Download the newlife exe using the link to your right
  • Put it in a folder somewhere
  • Run it
Newlife needs Java and it should prompt for you to install it if you haven't got it on your computer. When the game is first run it'll create a data folder for saved games & characters in the folder you put the exe.

Try the game, report any bugs or typos you find, and have fun!


  1. The fact that the first version already has impregnation content gives me high hopes for this game. The sex scenes in the game really good so far, so I definitely hope that they get expanded a lot.

    As for bugs, saved games fail to load and it asks me if I'm running a newer version of Newlife not compatible with an older save.

    1. Thanks, I think we can rule out version mismatch at this point, unless you're a time-traveler.
      It's a bit tricky to diagnose the problem with the rather poor information 0.1.0 provides: I'll try to get something more useful in the next version. For now, a few questions:
      - Do you get the same problem when you load a saved character template?
      - Do you get the error if the game was saved immediately after the intro, before you start the first week?
      - Are you running the game on Windows? That's the only OS I've been able to test it on.