Monday, 13 February 2017

Another update on the next version's progress

Hi all! 

The code & writing for 0.4.4 is done, but I want to do some more testing before release - I found a lot of bugs already even though I've only done a first pass so I definitely am not confident enough to put it online tonight. Unless things go horribly wrong, it should be out tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are some teasers for what you have to look forward to in 0.4.4:



 And of course... intimacy!


  1. It's probably for the best. I have a test tomorrow.

  2. I propose there are more proposals in the wing. Ready for 0.4.5

  3. STOKED.
    btw, now it's pretty much a request since I'm not a patron, but would love to see a proper, written out hatefuck scene written out in the future. Female dominant, since almost all content is submissive. Though I understand that's where this game is leading.

    1. I'd rather have more forceful stuff. You can play with low willpower but that means you're turned on and enjoying it. It's so hard to "put up a fight" and slowly give in - I have to use my imagination a lot for those type of scenes.