Friday, 10 February 2017

Progress Update

Hi all,

Been struggling with a migrane today and general sleep issues this week so progress hasn't been great, but I'm getting there bit by bit.
If all goes well I expect the next release to be Sunday night. If it goes less well then perhaps Monday or Tuesday.
I'll try to get another post out with some screenshots in the next day or two once I move onto final testing. This particular chunk of work will be split over 2 releases: the next one which has the groundwork for it and 3 new scenes, and the one after which will have another 3 scenes - probably that'll be a smaller and thus faster release as it can build on what's been done in 0.4.4.


  1. I propose you magically make the days 10x longer and release it tomorrow! :D

    (if you do find a way to use it, please give it to me)

    1. Very well... I shall release it tomorrow!

      But, you know, tomorrow from when I'm writing this comment...

  2. In the changelog SO once mentioned about socialization event with impregnator friend. Could someone write the conditions to trigger it?

    1. This?

    2. Hmm if this is the one then I know it well :) I just thought there is another one which can be accessed by "spend time with friends" activity. Thanks for the reply!

    3. I believe it just needs you to be friends with an impregnator. I remember SO had posted it otherwise. But it would trigger on the 4th option for week. Where you can "go out with friends" or "stay close with friends".

      I'll try to dig up SO older post.

    4. Do the socialisation activity when you have a friend meeting the following conditions:
      - Impregnator
      - does not have "wants kids"
      - Either charming, handsome, toned or muscular

      The event weight it typical for a socialisation event - a bit higher than average events but still by no means guaranteed to show up.