Wednesday, 3 December 2014

All about orgasms!

Hello everyone,

I had some messages asking about the new orgasm options that were added in the last update. It's impossible to get all of them with one character, so people who always use the same traits were only seeing a few. Here's the full list:

Passionate : The traditional "screaming orgasm". The obvious way to have this available is to take the Passionate Lover trait, but you can also get it if you're having a really really good time ;)

Enthusiastic : Not quite so loud but much more physical. For when you really want to let loose and thrash around a lot! This is the orgasm for those passionate girls who are annoyed that the passionate orgasm isn't unique to them - it's only available with the Passionate Lover trait.

Quiet : The less-demonstrative orgasm for the less-passionate woman. This doesn't mean you come in complete silence, just that you don't scream at the top of your voice about it. Not available for Passionate Lovers. Keeping quiet about it is just not their style.

Intimate : The romantic orgasm, where you hold him so tight it's like you never want to let go. Maybe you don't. Romantic women will have this as a choice more often, but anyone can have an intimate orgasm if the feelings are there.

Surprised : This is the cute orgasm, for when you're so sweet and innocent that every climax comes as a surprise to you. Or for when you like to act all sweet and innocent and pretend it's a surprise. Everyone gets this option if their lover makes them climax when they're losing their virginity, but if you want to be taken by surprise several times every Saturday night then take the Cute trait.
Or be Hard to Please. When you don't orgasm very often, it's kind of an unfamiliar thing to happen.

Hidden : For when you really don't want him to see you come - only a common choice for shy girls. You can also choose to hide it if you don't actually like the man you're with so he doesn't realise he's made you feel good. Of course if you don't like him then maybe you shouldn't let him inside you in the first place...
Not available for passionate girls. They have no chance of hiding it successfully. All that crying out and thrashing around is a dead giveaway.

Reluctant : For.... when.... you... just... don't...want... to... orgasmohmygodthatssogooddon'tstop! Well, you can't actually force yourself not to come in Newlife, but you can try. This is a choice for girls who are trying their hardest to hold onto their masculinity. Although not so hard that they're resisting the urge to have sex with men.
You can also be reluctant about if if you're with someone you don't like. But why would you be with someone like that? It's not as if he has an enormous trouser snake or something. Oh? He does? Well carry on then.


  1. hello want to play this game and i have download the latest newlife jar file but not sure what to do after that to run the game

    1. If you're on windows just make sure you have Java installed and then double-click the jar file. You can get Java here:

  2. Thank you for the update... now get back to work! lol

  3. Can you make an exe please ? Even with the lastest Java, the game doesn't work on my computer.

    1. I'll see if I can get one out when the next version's released, but if it's erroring on your computer then an exe is unlikely to help you - it's the same code after all.
      To properly help you I need more information:
      What is the exact problem you're having? The file type isn't recognised? The file type is recognised but you get an error when you try to run it? The game starts but something goes wrong when you try to play? If you're getting an error, what error is it?
      Also, what OS are you trying to run it on?

    2. I have "unable to access jarfile" when i try to open it normally or with command lines. My OS is a Windows XP reserved for games only.

    3. I had a look for that error online and it seems to be related to path issues.
      Open a command prompt
      cd to the exact directory the jar is in
      Type "java -jar newlife_0_1_3_rel.jar" without quotes.

      Hope that helps!

    4. Excellent, now go download the new version :D