Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Newlife 0.2.0 is now available

Newlife 0.2.0 is now available and you can get it using one of the links to the right of the blog.

The JAR version should be the first choice for most people, and it's the only one that will work for non-windows users. Jars will also work in windows too of course.
If your OS tells you it's an unrecognised file type then you need to install Java - you can get Java here.
The EXE version still needs Java. This should prompt you to download it instead of just being unrecognised though. The exe will only work for windows users, and some browsers block exe downloads because they're a common format for malicious files - if you're having download problems then get the jar instead.

The big changes in 0.2.0 are actually behind the scenes. I've made some extensive changes to how Newlife works internally but there are probably fewer differences that'll be visible to players compared to some earlier releases.
I had actually planned to add more content to this release, but because some changes took longer than expected I decided to delay them to later versions and put this out now.
The code changes for 0.2.0 are important for future development though, and they'll eventually let me add new clothing and make some fun improvements to NPC actions and AI.

As usual saved files & characters from older versions won't work in 0.2.0.

  • Fixed a bug where the “it's getting late” text could appear twice.
  • Various text bug fixes. Thanks to Cubano, Souldead341 & dm2bf for reporting some of these.
  • Increased the size of some panels in the character generation screens as a “quick-fix” for mac users not seeing all the checkboxes
  • Made the Donate to Charity option available from the Manage Outfits screen, not just when going shopping – thanks to dm2bf for this suggestion. Also renamed the button to make it more obvious what it does.
  • Added another possible response to telling Ivy your name.
  • Extensive reworking of how some types of NPC actions are handled in certain scenes. This will make it much easier to add some types of content in future releases.
  • Capped arousal increases from certain NPC actions. Men will tend to be further away from orgasm on starting sex now, so sex should usually take longer. These changes are likely to need work to balance them in future releases.
  • Added some new NPC actions to makeout scenes using the new code framework.
  • One new event

Have fun with the new version!


  1. Great game! Could you add some more breasts measurements in the next releases ?

    1. Oh and also if you could make it more clear and excplicit the measurements of the "well endowed" men it would be great :)

    2. Good to hear you're enjoying it :)
      Breast measurements like DD cups, E cups etc? A few people have asked for those, but I'm on the fence about adding them - the game at the moment conveniently has 2 liked and 2 disliked breast sizes for each of the NPC preference traits.

      As for men's measurements, do you mean things like 8", 10" and so on? I'm not going to give exact measurements - I think it's easier to imagine the size with a text description rather than numbers, and for me seeing exact numbers takes me a bit out of it when I read erotic literature... I can't help but imagine the girl pulling out a tape measure!

      At the moment no men in Newlife have small ones by the way. I did think about adding a trait for that, but not unless that's something people actually want in the game, and no-ones asked for it yet!

    3. Yeah i mean breasts measurements like you told. I know it must be a pain to add more traits and variables but maybe in the future...

      Same for the men's but, this time, i was thinking of a greater difference between sizes, giving maybe a more complex description for us ladies :P

      Also the last trait that you mentioned...well i think it could be fun to add some more randomness and reality to the game :) So why not...

  2. (sorry if this double posts) Totally inspirational, you rock with all that hard work! Can't sit back now, gotta get back stuck in with my own code, thanks for all you're doing!

    1. Thank you! And no worries about double posting, but you managed to avoid it anyway :)

  3. It's a great start. I love that there are non sex related events! Good job so far, but I think there are things still to be done.

    No non-consent, something I think is important... Not saying make it common, hell I vote to create an obvious out for every situation, but rape should exist.
    Only 26 weeks, needs more.
    No real way to battle sexual harassment at work, would like to see a report/blackmail option for non submissive characters.
    Sex options at work, if you have a pattern of being slutty with a client, go to his home so you can fuck in private.
    Needs more options in sex. Blowjob or Anal! A BJ would be great to use on your boss and keep him out of your snatch!
    Birth control, having to ask for a condom is annoying after a while.
    Way to get an abortion if you do get knocked up.
    More jobs, more job events especially!!!!!!!
    For jobs or events, make it important to get certain stats, so that gives the player an excuse to go shopping. Early on you need cute clothes, but later you need elegant and such. Makes the better clothes REALLY expensive, so money matters.
    Create ways to reduce stress without using sex, not everyone wants to be a slut.
    Girl on Girl would be nice for masculine characters.
    Group sex, MMF or MFF or gang bang which pairs well with non-consent.
    TBH I could care less about pregnancy unless descriptions are different when you are pregnant. Like your partner rubbing your baby bump during sex.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    1. Yes, lots to be done - I expect Newlife to be a 3-5 year project in total, and I'm only about one year in so as you can see most areas need improvement.

      Some of the stuff you asked for isn't going in though, at the risk of making this post sound a bit negative:
      First: there are various reasons not to put in rape, but the really unarguable one is that my government is right now passing a law to make rape pornography illegal. I don't know if this will cover text content but I'm not willing to take the risk of going to prison over it.
      Anyway, I can't risk toeing the line because they might pass further laws against online erotica. This isn't the first time this government has tried repressing it and it might not be the last.

      I don't want to add abortion. There's a big theme of accidental pregnancy in newlife: a "good girl" goes out to blow off stress, gets carried away in the moment with a handsome man, and ends up knocked up. The impact is really cheapened if there's an action to just terminate it.
      There will be more contraception options with the 0.3 update though, including the pill which will be 100% effective unless you take traits that reduce that.

      Group sex is up in the air. It can easily turn into an AI nightmare with a game like Newlife so I'll only implement something like that if it can be done without taking exponentially longer than a 2-character scene. While it might go in, it's probably for late in development.

      Otherwise, sex at home with clients, birth control, oral, new jobs, more work events, more uses for money, more ways to reduce stress, lesbian sex, better pregnancy descriptions, expensive formal clothes - these are all planned to go in the game.
      Of course I can't promise to put them in soon - that 3-5 year schedule means some things won't end up being added until 2017 or later. Still, I think you'll enjoy some of the upcoming changes ;-)

    2. Forgot to mention the sexual harassment thing... That's not a bad idea, but I'd need to think about how it could be handled, especially if it involved getting people fired.
      Blackmailing the boss is something I hadn't thought about, but I will probably do a major update at some point based around content for "evil" player-characters, and that's exactly the sort of idea that would really work there.

    3. Thank you for responding.

      Legal issues are legal issues... I understand. Feels weird since over here in America freedom of speech is the ONE thing that isn't messed up over here. Shocked to me that any fiction is illegal to write, but then again we have school shootings because we love guns...

      Anyways, I will continue to toss you suggestions from time to time. I understand that this is your game. I will not be offended if you don't do what I suggest. I am just one point of view of many.

      As of reading your reasoning I agree on the no abortion. Just in this current edition the using a condom every time is ANNOYING, but you will have the pill eventually, and no abortions creates consequences.

      Keep up the good work!

    4. Well, I may be being harsh on the government - I've seen some comments saying that it'll only apply to images. I'm not going to risk it though!

      By all means suggest away! Actually I love reading feedback of all sorts on the game and over the last month it's been motivating me to put much more work into it than back before I released it to the internet.

  4. Can I just say that this game KICKS ASS?!?!?!?! You and Anonymous Man
    need to get together ASAP!!! His "Cursed" game already has most of the general, emotional, and detail-specific management aspects of the "Guy-Turns-Into-A-Girl-Then-Has-To-Adjust-To-His-New-Life-All-Over-Again" scenario already under construction and developed, while you have all the romantic engagement, dating scenarios, and wonderfully juicy sexual experiences down to a T! I really think the combination of these two games, and the collaboration of you two artists, is EXACTLY what the genre needs; I think that combination is the perfect equation of MTF transformation play, real life simulator, and erotic-text-based gameplay that you both seem to be striving for. Just take a look into it? For the fans? ;)

    Anywho, keep up the FANTASTIC work, whatever you decide to do with the project. I CANNOT WAIT for the finished product!!! XD

    1. Thanks for the encouragement :) I love hearing that people are enjoying the game - that's what makes all those hours slaving over if statements worthwhile!
      I definitely plan to keep on going solo with Newlife. I find it relaxing to only be depending on myself.
      I haven't played Cursed for quite a while now, but I did try it ages ago and I seem to remember there's some big thematic and design differences with Newlife - I bet if AM and I teamed up we'd spend most of our time arguing about that sort of thing and not get much work done!

    2. Oh well... :)

      I just wanted you to know that I believe the game has enough delicious potential to merit an entire RAGS-worth of "thematic presentation"; its personal customization, player interactivity, technical interface, and randomized encounter generator is absolutely amazing--and the novel simplicity of its execution really does add a wonderful charm to its entire feel and sensory immersion (I truly didn't mean to imply that it was overly simplistic, but that I wished it to be as lavished and complete as it deserves to be). Its design decisions only polish and invigorate an otherwise wonderful concept to a perceivable perfection, so only improving on what is already there is just fine! And, who would have thought that your private "hobby writing" would prove to be so exquisitely alluring to actually play through, on top of being a way to unwind after a long day! It's awesome that you found something that could coincide with such a project. I doff all my hats to you, sir.

      But never mind my fan-girling, I see that this project is in no harm of becoming anything less than a masterpiece, especially with the 0.2.1 updates! This game can stand on its own beautifully. I wish to thank you for your commitment to the site and the game. I know it will be an absolute smash!

    3. Thank you very much :) I'm certainly hoping that in time I can make it one of the best games out there!