Sunday, 21 December 2014

Newlife 0.2.1 is now available

Newlife 0.2.1 is now available and you can get it using one of the links to the right of the blog.

As usual saved games & characters from earlier versions won't work in this one. 

  • Fixed lots of text issues. Thanks to phantombird from tfgamessite and cubano & engai from HF for reporting these.
  • Men without 'bad' personalities now get reduced chance of having the bad-tasting sperm trait – this is now 1/3 as likely for them. This isn't realistic at all, but I think that players who are building a tender romance with their boyfriend are probably not too happy if his spunk turns out to taste disgusting. The chance of a man having especially tasty sperm is the same as before and isn't affected by personality.
  • Fixed a logic bug that was stopping morning shower makeouts having the proper transition back to the main scene.
  • Added the change requested by Mystery_99X from the tfgamessite forums. I suspect the term “Falcon Punch” might be copyright and so can't be used in Newlife, but you can now give a certain client what for if he takes liberties and you meet the requirements. Hint: you need to be in good physical shape so choose your body type carefully.
  • Changed 'stop makeout' to use a willpower test instead of being automatically disabled at a particular arousal level.
  • Improved the main menu so you can click on the link to the blog and it should open in your default browser.
  • Three new traits for the player character. More to come in later updates (probably).
  • One new trait for NPCs. More to come in future versions.
  • One new scene ;-)
  • Finally the change you've all been waiting for – added a link to the Newlife Patreon in the main menu.

Of course each new release usually comes with a host of typos. Please report any issues here or on the forums. Enjoy the new version :-)


  1. Looking forward to giving it a try!

    Is there any plan to add oral sex scenes? It's weird that making out in a club always goes all the way, so to speak. All I've been able to find is an option in case the guy finishes outside.

  2. Dear Sir or Madame, do you plan to implement some girl on girl action?

    1. Absolutely! It might take a while though. Back when I started Newlife over a year ago it wasn't intended for public release, and there are some lingering design issues that make some changes difficult to do. Lesbian content is unfortunately one of those and is probably too big to be done in a single major release.

      The next major release will be 0.3 which will focus on pregnancy, but after that I'll send out a list of candidates for supporters to vote on.
      One of those will be a friendship system. As part of that I'd add female NPCs. Even though there wouldn't initially be sex scenes with them, getting them in the game will be a huge step towards full lesbian content.

      In the finished game I expect there'll be more heterosexual content than lesbian, but there should still be as much or more lesbian content as there is hetero content in 0.2.

  3. Quick question. Will the 0.3 version go past 26 weeks? I really adore the game but it can get a bit tiring to not be able to get past 26 weeks T_T

    1. Yup! The 2 reasons why I restricted the game to 26 weeks on launch was that there wasn't enough content to justify a longer game, and that the pregnancy system was just a simple placeholder that couldn't handle actually having babies.
      Both those things will be sorted for 0.3, so the game will be extended to 52 weeks.

  4. Thanks for adding an option to support. I am happy to chip in a bit, and Patreon is easy to use.

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  6. why dont you make our character when turning to girl to have a cock? make it optional?
    and i didnt play it that much long but can you date girls?

    1. I don't think Newlife will ever support male or futanari player-characters. The whole codebase assumes the PC is physically female, and changing that could easily add a year or more to development.
      The closest possibility would be a male-perspective (or futa-perspective I suppose) scene as part of the ending, but a such a scene would be very low priority compared to ones that can show up in the main part of the game itself.
      If I do another game after Newlife then I'd try to make its design more flexible, but Newlife itself just has some fundamental limitations that'll probably never be changed - besides, it's already quite ambitious!

      You can't date girls either at the moment, but that will be changed eventually. Lesbian content will be a big change that I'll probably spread over a couple of major releases though. How fast it gets done will depend on how important voters think it is, but even at the most optimistic I wouldn't expect it before late Spring.