Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Newlife 0.2.2 is now available

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed there was a bug in 0.2.1 where exiting the new scene by returning to the makeout got the player stuck in a loop. Because of this, I've put out a bugfix release: you can get it using the download links to the right as usual.

This one is only available in jar format. I'll try to get the next release in exe too. In any case, if you have the correct version of Java to run the exe then the jar should run fine on your computer too.

As usual, saved characters & games from older versions won't work in this one.

The full (and rather short) changelog is:
  • Fixed various text problems. Thanks to Mdf & Cubano for reporting some issues.
  • Fixed a bug with scene transitions when leaving the oral/handjob/titjob scene.
  • Men got one new caress action for makeouts etc.
  • Men will now sometimes talk during the oral/hj/tj scene.

Have fun, and let's hope there aren't any big bugs this time!


  1. I'd like to make a request: No furry content. Ever. CoC and TiTS, the two biggest text-based porn games on the web, both have metric fuck-tons of furry content in them, and even Cursed, a game very similar to your own, has a cow/dragon girl transformation. If someone wants to be a fox morph with a 12-inch horse dick then that's perfectly fine in my book, but I'd like this game to try to stay as grounded in the real world as possible. I'd really hate to see this become just another CoC clone with less content.

    Also posted this in the Patreon update by accident while going to sign up. Whoops. Ignore my stupidity.

    1. No worries - I get an email update when someone posts a comment so from my point of view, it doesn't really matter which post it's against.

      I don't mind furry/inhuman/monster content as long as it doesn't stray into bestiality which I think is illegal in my country, but I'd agree that Newlife isn't the game for it.

      Newlife's supposed to be set in an approximation of the real world, so adding any non-human transformation would be quite jarring unless characters actually reacted to it.... and it would just take way to long to rewrite every single scene with responses to the PC having a tail or whatever.
      Of course players can put "catgirl" or something in as a custom race for their character they want, but it's unlikely to go further than that.

      If I start another game after Newlife and it's fantasy or something then I'd probably be more receptive to that sort of thing, but the only time I'd be likely to add furry content to Newlife would be if it's chosen for "prove me wrong week". Even if something like that did happen, it'd be a limited implementation to fit in a short dev time, and it'd be completely optional for the player.

      And thank you for supporting the game!
      I'm not sure what tier you're on, but I think I'll try to do a test-run for voters during 0.3 development so that they get some benefit from the reward even though the 0.4 decision is a month or two off. I'd decided to add content for a hobby skill but I hadn't picked which one, so I might do a vote for that.

  2. Sooo... when can we expect some good, old fashioned ass trashing? :D
    I'm talking about anal sex.

    1. Anal sex isn't something I'm particularly into personally, so it isn't part of the main plan for Newlife. I might end up adding it late in development as a favour to players, but the only chance of it showing up in 2015 would be if it got voted in for "prove me wrong" week.
      That isn't due soon either though..."Prove me wrong" is the milestone reward for if I get enough from Patreon for it to be my main source of income, and that's not something that I expect to reach overnight.

      Phew, bit of a negative comment there. Sorry about that! Maybe I'll add a lower milestone for a one-off bonus sex scene or something, and let anal duke it out with doggy, group sex and so on to see which is most popular.

  3. Out of curiosity, whats the point of the *.exe if its not a .net framework anyways? Doesn't that make more work for you?

    1. In theory if someone doesn't have Java then the launch4j exe wrapper will tell them and give a link to where they can download it, while the jar would just show up as an unrecognised file type.
      When I first released newlife the exe was the only version. The jar has some advantages over it though so that's replaced it as the main format.

      Creating the exe is really quick though now that I've got it set up, so I usually put one up there just so people can download it if they prefer. I don't keep stats on how many downloads each version gets though so I don't know how many people fnd it useful.